Our first show of a new month starts with rising COVID-19 numbers... a December 7th date for a special session... and a scheduled groundbreaking for a new animal shelter in Bentonville.

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The Quiver, a new state-of-the-art archery range, opened to the public last week at Osage Park in Bentonville. The 20-lane facility offers up to 70 meters of shooting space with trained instructors and rental equipment available for novice and experienced archers. 

At the top of our show: A lawsuit challenging a mask mandate in the Bentonville School District is being dismissed, a new candidate for lieutenant governor, and Emmy Award nominations for a University of Arkansas professor and filmmaker.

At the top of our September 8th show: an update regarding COVID-19 in Arkansas, making it easier to get financial help to renters, and the Bentonville police chief is retiring.

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Each year, the Clinton Foundation hosts a contest encouraging Arkansas high school students to address some of today’s most pressing challenges by turning their good ideas into action plans.This year’s winner of the Ideas Matter Scholarship Essay was Aswhin Marathe, who wrote about political polarization, and his plans to combat it with more civic engagement from students.

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To mark Earth Day 2021, the Museum of Native American History in Bentonville officially broke ground on it's Gardens of Indigenuity. The project, an indigenous medicine garden, is a collaboration with Runway Group, Bogle's Garden City, the University of Arkansas, Thaden School and Dr. Dan Wildcat at Haskell Indian Nations University. 

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As population growth and development rise in Bentonville, some city amenities are facing new growing pains. The Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, completed in 2020, is looking for ways to re-direct traffic and parking constraints from growing demand. 

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Early voting for a special election in Bentonville is underway. Election Day is Apr. 13. Voters are being asked to consider a bond extension that would support infrastructure and public safety improvement projects. A public meeting about the measure is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday, Apr. 8.

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Ouizi, an artist from Detroit, is creating a two-story mural in downtown Bentonville. She explains her method of transferring work from a digital drawing to paint on a building facade.

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Over the weekend, Downtown Bentonville distributed $13,000 in vouchers to customers to spend at participating retailers during the Shop the Block event. The initiative aims to boost revenue at businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last year.