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The Biden Administration plans to reopen America to more international refugees seeking asylum from war-torn nations, as well as those fleeing political and religious persecution. That's after the Trump Administration vastly reduced their numbers. Joanna Krause, executive director of Fayetteville-based refugee resettlement agency Canopy NWA, says she and her staff have begun to prepare for more arrivals. Volunteers and donations are always welcome. 

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Forge Community Loan Fund, based in Huntsville, has partnered with refugee resettlement agency, Canopy Northwest Arkansas, to enable refugees to capitalize small business startups. We meet Canopy’s first Forge client, Eca Mukandama, a refugee from Democratic Republic of Congo, who is opening an auto sales and repair shop in south Fayetteville.

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Canopy of Northwest Arkansas is the only agency in the state that provides resettlement and support services to refugees. Danielle Bennett, the organization's Youth Service Coordinator, discusses how the barriers to education for many student refugees are being exacerbated by the pandemic.



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Joanna Krause has been selected to replace Canopy Northwest Arkansas's founding executive director, Emily Crane Linn. An agency of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Canopy has resettled over 170 international refugees in Arkansas since the nonprofit was founded in 2016. Previously, Krause served as director of Canopy’s Integration Services. 

Canopy Northwest Arkansas, a refugee resettlement agency in Fayetteville, is offering summer English language learning courses to all K through 12 students called Canopy Summer Success Team. Class enrollment is underway. 

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President Trump is expanding travel restrictions to the U.S. to seven more nations, according to a White House statement issued on Friday. Emily Crane Linn, executive director of Canopy Northwest Arkansas, says the expanded travel restrictions will indirectly affect resettled U.S. refugee families here.


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At a press conference in Fayetteville Tuesday, the director of Canopy Northwest Arkansas, the state's only refugee resettlement and integration agency, says President Trump's new strict limits on refugee admissions will destroy U.S. refugee resettlement infrastructures that have been in place for decades.

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Canopy Northwest Arkansas, a new nonprofit Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service agency headquartered in Fayetteville has partially met a first year refugee resettlement quota despite travel bans and limits set by the Trump administration. We visit with one of the families forced to flee their civil-war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo village, a journey recently profiled by The New York Times.

Community Spotlight - Canopy NWA

Jun 5, 2017

Canopy Northwest Arkansas provides assistance to refugees who have relocated to Northwest Arkansas.  Listen to Emily Crane Linn, Director of Canopy NWA, discuss the beginnings of the group and the support they provide to refugees in our community.  

Community Spotlight - Students for Refugees

Feb 22, 2017

Students for Refugees, a registered student organization at the University of Arkansas, is working together with Canopy NWA to create a safe place of settlement for refugees.  In this segment, Jamie Nix and Jessica Garross speak about the creation of the organization and the work they do within the community. 

Canopy NWA will host a meet and greet Thursday from 7-9 at the  Bentonville Church of the Nazarene.