Cherokee Nation

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The three federally recognized tribes of Cherokee people have declared a State of Emergency for the Cherokee language. According to a recent count, of 400,000 Cherokees, about 2,100 are fluent Cherokee speakers. The emergency resolution acknowledges the language is endangered and revitalization programs have to be enhanced to prevent its extinction.

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The Cherokee Nation is searching for five-foot tall, iron boundary markers put in by the U.S. General Land Office in the mid-19th century. The survey monuments were used to designate the boundary between the Cherokee and Creek Nation territories after both tribes were pushed into what is now Oklahoma. The markers are just as important now as they were then since they trump later land surveys.

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A federal court has ruled that the Cherokee Nation must convey citizenship to Cherokee Freedmen--descendants of enslaved African Americans "owned" by members of the Cherokee Tribe in the mid-19th century.

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The Cherokee Nation and state of Oklahoma have temporarily restrained Sequoyah Fuels Corporation from burying tons of stockpiled nuclear processing waste on the company's defunct factory site in Gore, Oklahoma. The plaintiffs say doing so will imperil two major watersheds shared by the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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The Cherokee Nation is the first tribe in the country to create a fish and wildlife advocacy organization. Monday the tribe launched the Cherokee Nation Fish and Wildlife Association, which in addition to advocacy, will provide exclusive information on fishing, hunting and events.