classical music

University of Arkansas trombone professor Cory Mixdorf includes a piece inspired by aliens in his upcoming concert when he performs Howard Buss’s “Alien Loop de Loops” and others. "He was thinking about a trombonist performing outside in an open area as if aliens were doing a space craft show from above," explains Mixdorf of this unusual piece. Join Katy Henriksen to hear his in-studio performance and interview for the highlight on Friday's program.

Piano virtuoso Joel Fan is on a mission to unite the world via music. This year’s guest performer at the Arkansas State Music Teachers Association’s annual conference, he stopped by the Firmin-Garner Performance studio while in town to play on the Steinway and discuss his passions with Katy Henriksen. Tune in Thursday for this very special performance.

Journey to Schumann's Rhineland via his Symphony No. 3 in 3 flat major in Monday's program, which is described as "a work that couples Schumann's characteristic lyricism with a rare and heart-catching grandeur" by Bernard Jacobson in the liner notes to the Philharmonia Orchestra led by Christian Thielemann recording. 

Whether joyous, turbulent, or forlorn, the music of Rachmaninov is always powerful. In the liner notes for this recording by the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, the depth of his “Symphony No. 3 in A minor, Op. 44” is perfectly characterized: “Lingering moments of bitter-sweet sadness laced with an almost Shostakovichian irony and fury course through its Indian summer pages. […] Maybe in life Rachmaninov cut a skeletal figure, but his music could not have been more flesh and blood.” Hear this performance and more on this week’s Sunday Symphony.

Violinist Lisa Batiashvili decided to focus on the personal side of Bach when she made her first recording devoted to the master. She pairs J. S. Bach with his son Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and plays with musicians she's incredibly tight with. Catch these intimacies on Tuesday's program.