classical music

Conductor Hannu Lintu leads the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra in Enescu's Symphony No. 3, which is described by Jim Samson as having "remarkable orchestral polyphony," adding that perhaps polyphony isn't exactly right, with Romanian musicologists describing his "complex, multi-layered textures as 'heterophonic." Listen and make your own call on exactly how to describe these fascinating textures when the entirety plays on Tuesday's program.

Violinist Jennifer Koh continues her "Bach and Beyond" project, which she explains "presnets the works of Bach that I have long loved, in communion with the music of contemporary composers whom I am dedicated to championing" in hopes to strengthen connections between the past and the present. The first piece on the new recording is Bach's Sonata No. 1 in G minor, the very first work he composed for solo violin. Hear Jennifer Koh's rendering on Monday's program.

Frédéric Chopin composed some of the most iconic and majestic piano music in history. Today, renowned musicians like Ingolf Wunder and Vladimir Ashkenazy uphold his legacy through projects like their latest collaboration. Both men are former winners of the Warsaw Chopin Competition, and their talents merge to create a breathtaking, engaging experience. Friday's program will highlight the Chopin Piano Concerto featured on this recording.

Harald Hoffmann

Vivaldi’s music offers musicians a chance to express themselves, a quality that Avi Avital explores on his latest recording. “There is so much freedom in this music, in the baroque music in general. [The] composer doesn’t write exactly how to play it; he really gives the performer a lot of creative freedom.” Hear the full interview along with some of our favorite tracks from Avital’s most recent release on Thursday’s program.

The Catalyst Quartet has rendered the entirety of Bach's Goldberg Variations into strings and pair their recording of it with Glenn Gould's string quartet for a compelling new release. Hear their version of the Goldberg Variations on Monday's program.