Climate change

Courtesy / OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology

University of Arkansas Professor Emeritus of English, Dick Bennett, discusses the gravity of Earth Day on this 50th year of the event, which was first celebrated by millions of peace and environmental activists in 1970. Bennett is the founder of the OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology in Fayetteville.

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As more people are choosing to change their diets to plant-based or vegan, restaurants and retailers are noticing the demand. A restaurant with an almost entirely plant-based menu recently opened in Fayetteville and other local restaurants are adding vegan options to their menus. Large and small grocers are also putting numerous plant-based items on their shelves as companies continue to develop new products. 

Arkansas Staged is the lone Arkansas theater company to collaborate with Climate Change Theater Action to produce staged readings about climate change. You can see the one-night-only production at 6 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 14 at Mt. Sequoyah.

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Terra Studios will soon suspend its hot glass demonstrations, which include the creation its popular Bluebird of Happiness. Officials say they are making the decision because of glassblowing's effect on the climate and they hope to resume the practice when a greener version of glassblowing can be used.

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University of Missouri-Columbia research associate professor ermeritus of forest health and mycology, Johann Bruhn, says climate change is already affecting Ozark forests. Bruhn travels with Citizen Climate Lobby Missouri co-coordinator, George Laur, educating the public. The USDA Forest Service has launched an online Climate Change Resource Center to provide guidance.

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Hundreds gathered in Fayetteville Friday for a climate strike. They demanded elected leaders take climate change more seriously.

Today on Community Spotlight, Pete talks with Fayetteville High School senior Blue Brasher about the NWA Climate Strike.  The Strike will take place tomorrow, September 27th, from 12 P.M. to 4 P.M. on the Fayetteville Town Square.  

The Strike will feature a human-powered parade, vegetarian and vegan food trucks, a concert, and more.  

The NWA Climate Strike is scheduled for 12 to 4 p.m. Friday, Sept. 27 on the Fayetteville Square. Attendees can expect speeches, music and a bit of fun.

Courtesy / University of Arkansas

Peter Ungar, Distinguished Professor of anthropology and director of the Environmental Dynamics Program, will contribute to a two-year project studying the impact of climate change on the environment of the Yamal Peninsula of Russian Siberia. 

Today, we hear from organizers of the Arkansas Citizens' Climate Accord, which will take place April 27 in Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Jonesboro and Little Rock. Organizers say they want Arkansans from different backgrounds with different ideas and questions to participate.