Constitutional rights

Throughout November, Ozarks at Large is participating in the Purple Project for Democracy, a nonpartisan campaign that explores civics, government and public service. Today we speak with Jennifer Price, director of elections for Washington County, about how to register to vote.

The Purple Project for Democracy will stretch across several media outlets in November with the non-partisan goal of rediscovering democracy. KUAF and Ozarks at Large will explore civics, government and public service. Rebecca Winthrop, with the Brookings Institution, is an organizer of the effort.

During the month of November, KUAF will participate in the national movement called The Purple Project for Democracy. The Purple Project is a non-partisan coalition, campaign and movement, spanning the breadth of American society "to rediscover and recommit to our democratic values and institutions." 

A new book highlights 14 times the freedom of speech was tested in Arkansas. We talk to the editor of "First Amendment Studies in Arkansas".