COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

3 hours ago
Courtesy / U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Several COVID-19 vaccination clinics are taking place throughout the KUAF listening area during August.

For more information about vaccine clinics, vaccinations and other covid-19 information, you can click here, or call 800- 985-6030

July Virus Cases Surge

23 hours ago

July ended with COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations nearing the highs of the winter surge. We talked to Rachel Sanchez-Smith and Rob Wells from Arkansas Covid about what the summer numbers regarding the virus might mean going forward.

Courtesy / U of A

University of Arkansas - Fayetteville administrative, academic, facilities and medical leaders discussed how best to accomodate as many as 28,000 students expected over the next several weeks on campus, just as a dangerous COVID-19 variant is surging in the region. 

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As the virus surges in Arkansas and hospitals are full or nearly full, Governor Asa Hutchinson is again implementing a statewide public health emergency. He's also calling a special session of the Arkansas Legislature to possibly consider amending a new law that prohibits school districts from implementing mask mandates.

Hukan Nurai / Unspash

As virus numbers rise in Arkansas, the research into the protection provided by COVID-19 antibodies continues.

Courtesy / Huda Sharaf

Dr. Huda Sharaf, Chief Medical Director of the University of Arkansas Pat Walker Health Center in Fayetteville, as well as a key Fayetteville City Health Board member, explains why the new even more life-threatening COVID-19 Delta variant is spreading so quickly through the unvaccinated population in Arkansas.

Marco Fileccia / Unsplash

School will soon be back in session, leaving parents and teachers concerned. Act 1002, sponsored by State Senator Trent Garner (R - El Dorado), is currently preventing any school district or local government from reinstating a mask mandate. Despite the rise in cases and the low vaccination rates, Garner stands by the bill, citing personal choice and personal responsibility over government enforcement.

Courtesy / WRMC/YouTube

Michael Bolding, MD, a veteran pandemic physician and hospitalist at Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville agreed to be filmed by his media team inside a COVID-19 critical care unit to warn the public about a dangerous SARS-CoV-2 resurgence  in northwest Arkansas.

courtesy / Baptist Health

Arkasnas ranks 48th in the nation for COVID-19 vaccinations - around 35 percent -  and rural populations continue to have disproportionately lower rates. Health officials are now trying to combat misinformation and other barriers to access, as the threat from the delta variant looms. 

Courtesy / City of Fayetteville

The Fayetteville City Board of Health, one of only a few such boards authorized in the state, is meeting more frequently to address a COVID-19 outbreak in the city driven by the Delta variant. Top of the agenda are how to protect incoming college and public school students, as well as residents, given a majority Conservative state legislature has banned both muncipal emergency ordinances, as well as state executive emergency declarations.