J. Froelich / KUAF

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement the removal of undocumented immigrants under the Trump administration, as of late April, numbers more than 54 thousand individuals. Of those, nearly 24 thousand are non-criminal immigrants, including a number of youth with DACA credentials. We talk with Erick Sanchez, operations manager, at the Immigrant Resource Center, operated by Arkansas United Community Coalition in Springdale about the situation in Arkansas.

courtesy / Supreme Court of the United States

A divided U.S. Supreme Court yesterday affirmed a lower court ruling, which late last year stayed execution of an Obama administration policy shielding four million undocumented immigrants from deportation. We gather reaction from Mireya Reith, executive director of the Arkansas United Community Coalition, headquartered in Springdale.

Antoinette Grajeda

While students who are granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA status are eligible for work authorization, they still face a number of challenges. In Arkansas, for example, students with DACA documentation can attend universities, but they must pay out-of-state tuition. The challenges faced by DACA students, especially in higher education, were the focus of a public discussion on the University of Arkansas campus Wednesday night.