University of Arkansas

According to research by a University of Arkansas biologist, a recently-discovered species of ebolavirus may be more widespread than previously thought. The ebolavirus species, named Bombali, is one of two currently not known to infect humans.

A panel next week on the University of Arkansas campus will delve deeper into the public discussions about Ebola.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Months before the Ebola Virus was carried into the United States, departments of health were mobilizing. Jacqueline Froelich talks with Arkansas state epidemiologist, Dr. Dirk Haselow about how state agencies are preparing. (Photo courtesy CDC)

MUSIC: Ludlow by Anthony D'Amato

Though no cases of Ebola have as of yet been confirmed in Arkansas or the U.S., officials with the Pat Walker Health Center at the  University of Arkansas aim to identify anyone who has recently traveled to the four countries where the virus has been found.