Jacqueline Froelich

In early December the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights issued new Title IX guidelines to all public schools with single-gender classes. Arkansas has six dozen such classrooms across ten districts. Jacqueline Froelich spoke with several gender equity advocates about the guidelines. 

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Starting this year, all public schools in Arkansas must offer at least one digital learning course. As Jacqueline Froelich reports, the new law is meant to encourage public school districts that have not done so, to initiate online learning. Note to educators:  Team Digital, a collaboration between ADE and AESC to assist in digital learning deployment can be found at

The small independent liberal arts and sciences college takes a modern approach to education.

Jacqueline Froelich

Most public elementary school teachers are female. We examine this historic trend, as well as what male instructors bring to the classroom.

In August, the Arkansas Board of Education voted to strike a novel partnership with Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation as well as the Walton Family Foundation, headquartered in Bentonville, to improve educational opportunities across Arkansas. We provide a progress report.

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The new public education standard known as Common Core was adopted by 46 states, including Arkansas, starting in 2010.

Since then, three states have passed laws to block implementation, including Oklahoma. As Jacqueline Froelich reports, a movement is also growing in Arkansas to repeal Common Core, led by Karen Lamoreaux.

State legislators met in Little Rock yesterday to discuss various education-related issues, including increasing minimum salaries for teachers in the state and operating public schools more like charter schools. New enrollment numbers for the Arkansas Private Option continue to come in near projections. Officials with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department say that the Highway 62 Bypass today will begin to steer drivers away from having to drive through the center of Prairie Grove.

New teachers in the Bentonville School District received some supplies and a help from the Walmart yesterday.

The Arkansas Lottery Commission reports the second straight year of declining revenue for the state's scholarship lottery. Rogers Public Schools officials remove a rule that implied a requirement for end of semester exams. And two Arkansas attorneys file a motion in federal court for a summary judgement in regards to the state's ban on same-sex marriages.

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Combatting Learning Loss

Jun 16, 2014

Students begin to lose gains made throughout the academic year almost as soon as the final bell rings for summer vacation. An open forum tomorrow at the Jones Center in Springdale will address opportunities to keep students' minds active during out of school times. Many organizations will be involved, including the Arkansas Out of School Network.