Jacqueline A Froelich / Ozarks at Large

Members of Temple Shalom last Sunday evening observed Tu b’Shevat, to celebrate the “New Year of the Trees.” Rabbi Jacob Adler provides both ancient and contemporary historical context, and Torah instructor, Miriam Klinzing guides us through the Tu b’Shevat seder, or ritual feast in honor of this Jewish Arbor Day.

K. Kellams / KUAF

We meet Otto the Otter, a six-foot mascot that is helping deliver anti-littering messages for Keep Arkansas Beautiful.

A measure to encourage independent solar energy installation and generation in Arkansas has passed the state legislature. The Solar Access Act was passed on March 12. We hear from the bill's lead sponsor and from an environmental advocate.

KUAF Arts Beat: A Rising Wave in the Ozarks

Oct 23, 2018

When obtrusive buildings encroached on Anne Reichardt's view outside her home in Fayetteville, the artist turned frustration into inspiration. 

The structures, she says, were just a strip along the sprawling green land and she immediately invisioned a piece of white paper along the horizon. Gradually she began to play with the idea of how she could make a privacy screen into a work of art. Then a spark. 

There have been few new government-led environmental regulations passed in recent years. But private interests are creating their own regulations. During a symposium on the University of Arkansas campus in October, Michael Vandenbergh, co-director of the Vanderbilt Energy, Environment and Land Use Program, addressed the topic. He also came to the Carver Center for Public Radio to talk further about the topic.