Eureka Springs

Courtesy / Harrie Farrow

Since President Trump’s inauguration, Harrie Farrow of Eureka Springs has made several trips to Washington, D.C. to participate in acts of civil disobedience, many of which have gotten her arrested. This week, she went to Capitol Hill to protest the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Brett Kavanaugh, who the president nominated to the Supreme Court. Like dozens of other protesters, Farrow was escorted out and arrested for disrupting the hearing. Several photographers captured the moment Farrow was taken out of the chamber by two police officers.

courtesy: Chris Fischer

A section of hand-built aqueduct in downtown Eureka Springs has collapsed beneath a commercial parking lot, causing a cave-in. The tunnel is a conduit for the spring-fed headwaters for East Leatherwood Creek and a downtown stormwater drainage system. Repairs are underway, and comprehensive measures are being taken to prevent future cave-ins downstream.

J. Froelich / KUAF

The historic Eureka Springs Hospital is the oldest hospital in Arkansas, and it is among a few remaining rural hospitals still operating in the state. However, the leased critical access facility is in critical condition. The Eureka Springs Hospital Commission, which maintains regulatory oversight of the facility, is stepping forward to coordinate planned renovations after plans to build a new hospital were scrapped.

J. Froelich / KUAF

A festive Eureka Springs historic neighborhood has attracted more and more Halloween trick-or-treaters with each passing year -- many of them are families now coming from outlying rural low-income communities. To supply enough treats to the children, neighbors last year banded together to establish a special "Candy Bank." But this year, things are looking a bit spooky given the Eureka Springs Advertising and Promotion Commission has branded the town "Halloween City."

courtesy: Eureka Christian Health Outreach

Eureka Christian Health Outreach, or ECHO, has been providing free healthcare to those without insurance for more than 10 years and now the clinic's co-founders, Dan and Suzie Bell, are moving ahead with plans to build a village of affordable homes in Eureka Springs. The Bells believe having a stable home is crucial to both mental and physical health.