Eureka Springs

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Since March, the City of Eureka Springs has been negotiating how to operate its tourist economy after a global pandemic was declared – a core issue of this year’s tightly contested City Council race.

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A controversial ballot initiative petition to abolish the 40-year old Eureka Springs Historic District Commission, which had been invalidated, has garnered enough signatures to appear on this year's General Election ballot. 

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The petition initiative to dissolve the Eureka Springs Historic District Commission, which appears to have enough signatures for the November 3 ballot once validated, is authored by resident Paul Minze. He claims commissioners rule unfairly in deciding certain restoration and renovation requests and that historic district residents and business owners can instead follow neutral preservation guidelines published by the city and state.

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Eureka Springs City Council met Monday evening to debate the merits of a COVID-19 mask mandate in order to protect townspeople from what some describe as "hoards" of unmasked tourists visiting this summer. A special meeting is scheduled to decide the matter Thursday. 

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The Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ Seaborn Jones Cotten Camp 2303 Eureka Springs has for several years placed permanent Confederate flags on the graves of Confederate Veterans in Eureka Springs Cemetery without permission. The city cemetery commission this winter has set certain limits, but a city councilman, with concerned residents, aim to pass a strict rule.


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Forty-year-old Jad Perkins was booked into Carroll County jail Tuesday after he was arrested for violating parole from Cummins State Prison. Perkins, who had been circulating in the Eureka Springs area for two weeks, had recently tested positive for coronavirus. Both Governor Asa Hutchinson and the Arkansas Department of Health have responded to the incident. Hear our full report Monday. 

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Tourists are being discouraged by state officials from visiting places like Eureka Springs, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sandy Martin, chair of the Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Development, as well as a member of the newly formed Arkansas Parks & Tourism Department’s Pandemic Recovery Task Force, describes measures being taken to protect townspeople as well as the public — and forward thinking on recovery for Arkansas tourist economies.

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Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation Commission Director Justin Huss is creating trending off-road cycling destinations in town, generating new revenue, but a growing number of residents are seeking more transparent planning and accounting in the process.

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The Pine Mountain Theater and Village in Eureka Springs will soon become a new adventure resort complete with an event center, steakhouse, cabins and mountain biking and hiking trails. Marshall Johnson, who owns the Rockin' Pig Saloon, and his father, who owns the Pig Trail Harley-Davidson dealership in Rogers, announced thei $10 million redevelopment project this month.

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After several decades of operating under leased medical managment, the historic Eureka Springs Hospital has taken back control of its facilities -- and future expansion.