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Welcoming Week NWA is an effort dedicated to making the region more inclusive. We talked with Margot Lemaster, the executive director of Engage NWA, and Monica Kumar, a welcoming and inclusion strategist, about the event.

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Fayetteville city planners are investigating if a section of marina along Lake Fayetteville can be transformed into a public swim beach. To do so, they say, will also require certain water quality improvements to the lake's watershed. 

After the pandemic forced all NWA Pride events to be virtual in 2020, the Pride Parade returns to Fayetteville this Saturday. This year there will also be the first-ever Trans March on Thursday night.

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After a year of uncertainty and reflection, Leah and Daniel Jordan decided to quit their jobs and open an independent bookstore in Fayetteville. Pearl's Books is expected ot open this fall in the former Cask & Grove location on Center Street. 

Fayetteville Begins Regulation of Short-Term Rentals

Jun 8, 2021

Fayetteville City Council voted to enact legislation governing short-term rentals within city limits during its April 20 meeting. The ordinance, which went into effect May 21, requires all short-term rental operators to secure a business license for each rental unit. Beginning June 18, operators must also register with the city's Landlord's Representative Registry.

Deadline Nearing for Landlord Registry Submissions

Apr 28, 2021
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April 30 is the deadline for rental property owners to submit contact information to the Fayetteville Landlord's Representative Registry. Those who fail to register will be subject to fines. There are no fees to submit information or to access the database.

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The Fayetteville Public Library's new commercial kitchen passed health inspection last week and is ready to host teaching and learning opportunities. Executive Director David Johnson says people and organizations will be able to check the kitchen out like a book and programming at the new facility will be driven by community members. The kitchen will also be used to supply the library's new deli with fresh food items.

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In 2018, the Batesville School District voted to work with Entegrity Partners to go solar to make room in its budget for salary increases for teachers. Now, Entegrity is working with 20 other school districts to harness the power of the sun to save money. Aside from becoming more affordable overall, Arkansas laws like the Solar Access Act of 2019, have made it more economically feasible for public entities like school districts to make the switch to solar power.

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Professional cycling athletes put their support for Arkansas's transgender community on display this weekend at the first round of the U.S. Cup Olympic qualifier events in Fayetteville. Ellen Noble, who races for Trek Bikes and Red Bull, donned temporary tattoos of the LGBTQ and trans flags on her legs during the short track race. She says she wanted to make it clear she opposes the laws that have been passed in Arkansas.

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Professional and amateur cyclists from around the world are making statements regarding the several national and international level events that will be taking place in Fayetteville over the next few months. The reaction comes after the state legislature passed several bills that some racers say unfairly target transgender athletes and children. Some of the athletes have called for boycotts, while others are calling on cycling governing bodies to change venues for the races.