Z. Sitek / KUAF

When Sandra Cox Birchfield's husband found a record dedicated to Fayetteville that was commissioned by First National Bank, she knew they had to listen to it immediately. She knows the record was produced in 1978 by the Great American Music Machine, but that's about it. If you know anything else about the record, like why it was produced, email sitek@uark.edu.

A New Chief in Town

Sep 24, 2019
Courtesy / Fayetteville Police Department

The City of Fayetteville has a new police chief. Mike Reynolds met with reporters yesterday following the mayor's annoucement appointing him to the position, which had previously been held by Greg Tabor who retired earlier this month.

J. Froelich / KUAF

The independent private Ann Brown Memorial School in south Fayetteville, which can accomodate up to 20 students aged five to 15, has become the first Sudbury school in Arkansas. Sudbury schools employ democratic decision-making where everyone, including the smallest children, vote on all aspects of school operations.

Startup Junkie is hosting the NWA Startup Crawl in Fayetteville Aug. 13. The annual event allows participants to sample beer while meeting local entreprenuers and learning more about their startup companies.

The Fayetteville Public Schools Child Nutrition Department is joining the city’s effort to reduce the environmental impact of food service by eliminating styrofoam and reducing single-use disposables. Officials plan to use the remaining case of styrofoam trays, bowls and to-go containers before transitioning to more environmentally-friendly versions of these items.