Dining in the Dark

Sep 3, 2019

Saturday night, Mount Sequoyah hosts a fine dining experience that includes a blindfold.

Rachel Belle hosts her podcast, Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle, from Seattle. Last week, she was in Northwest Arkansas for the 2019 Fayetteville Roots Festival and discussed her conversations about food.

Courtesy / Maudie Schmitt

Maudie Schmitt, owner of Cafe Rue Orleans in Fayetteville, competed in the first episode of Supermarket Stakeout Tuesday night on Food Network. She stopped by our studios to talk about her experience on the show.

The Roots Festival is more than just music. As the 2019 edition approaches, we find out more about the chefs and food expected to take over Northwest Arkansas later this month.

Today we are joined by Richard Emms, who is part of the group Food Recycling Solutions, as well as  Micheal Kraus, from a group known as Food Loops. They are here to talk to us about how to better utilize the food waste around us.