Sara Burningham

It’s 5,216 miles from Vienna, Austria to Crosses, Arkansas. But, as negotiations continue in the Iran nuclear talks, it’s a hot topic for patrons of the Pigtrail Bypass Country Cafe. Iranian American Hooshang Nazarali owns the cafe and convenience store, and for more than 30 years he’s been serving the people of this small community with burgers and snacks, all the while working with the Council of Resistance of Iran - a group dedicated to the overthrow of the Islamic Republic. Nazarali is outspoken in his opposition to a nuclear deal with Iran.

2015-16 NWA Food Guide is Out and It's for Everyone

Jun 25, 2015

We talk with the designer of the guide about her involvement with the guide and its five editions. She herself was very much a non-foodie when she came aboard with the project. Now, she is learning what to do with awesome farmer's market finds.

Ozarks at Large Food Podcast Ep 03: Meat. And Beer.

Jun 23, 2015

The future of meat. Should we eat more, or less, of it? Is it good for our bodies, for the planet? We talk to a meat industry insider and a sustainability expert on the future of animal protein in the American Diet. And how about the animals? Hear reaction to Walmart’s new animal welfare guidelines. Get details on a new way to buy sustainably raised organic meat direct from farmers and delivered to your door. Learn how Northwest Arkansas chefs are battling to make a better burger with mushrooms - not on top, but inside.

From a Few Ounces to 30 Pounds

Jun 14, 2015

A smoked pepper producer has increased his output immensely since becoming a client of the Arkansas Food Innovation Center. The food lab at the University of Arkansas serves as an incubator for small businesses providing guidance and an FDA certified kitchen. We also meet the maker of JR's Kombucha.

Off-Cut Pot-Luck

May 10, 2015

A group of adventurous eaters get together every so often to cook, share, and compare dishes made from variety meats. We chow down with Offal Eaters Anonymous of Arkansas, tackling tastes from organs, necks and, well, unmentionables. 

Link: Mason Creek Farm

Mo’ Morels. Go Mushroom Hunting with Ozarks at Large.

May 1, 2015
Sara Burningham

“They’re definitely the holy grail of the mushroom world”

Mo’ Morels. Go Mushroom Hunting with Ozarks at Large

Apr 29, 2015
Sara Burningham


“They’re definitely the holy grail of the mushroom world.”

This area has seen a culinary explosion in recent years. Couple that with strong rural traditions, farming, and food production and you have a lot of stories to tell. Ozarks at Large has been producing fascinating food stories all along, and you’ve probably caught some of them. But we all lead busy lives, and maybe we don’t catch every episode of the show.

Bill Marler is one of the best-know food safety lawyers in the world. This semester he was a guest at the University of Arkansas School of Law.

Losing Sight Enhances Taste

Mar 15, 2015
Christina Karnatz

A Dining in the Dark event at River Grille causes a bit of disorientation and for diners to really hone in on sounds, smells and taste. It's also great fun.