Cheese - A New Arkansas Specialty?

Mar 8, 2015
Sara Burningham

A tale of four cheese makers… and a picture of the future, and frustrations of Arkansas' nascent artisan cheese scene.

A festival dedicated to local food and local food systems welcomes Douglas Gayeton as keynote speaker.

MUSIC: "Black Balloons" Local natives

From "Rooter to Tooter"

Mar 1, 2015

Nose to tail eating was a normal part of home cooking in the Ozarks in the first part of the last century. Now it's having a renaissance, led by local chefs and farmers.

A Matter of Taste

Feb 27, 2015
Sara Burningham

The volunteers are there to get paid for eating free food samples, but Sara Burningham reports on the science of taste testing at the Sensory Service Center at the University of Arkansas' Food Science Department.

MUSIC: "Everybody Eats When They Come to My House" Cab Calloway

Bill Marler, one of the world's foremost authorities on food poisoning and the law is on campus at the University of Arkansas for two days.

On Wednesday, University of Arkansas Honors College student will present her work using CLA-enriched soy oil to create a healthier alternative to chocolate currently available on the market.

MUSIC: Cold, Cold Winter by Johnny Copeland


Hello Cocoa will host a tasting event on Valentine’s Day at their Fayetteville facility.

MUSIC: Chocolate by The 1975

Indian Food in Mulberry

Jan 7, 2015
Sara Burningham

Used to be that folks were getting their kicks on Route 66, now you can get chapati on Interstate 40.


Beginning Jan. 10, Northwest Arkansas residents can purchase Girl Scout cookies online. 

Unique Foods Get Start in Lab

Dec 7, 2014

From Bernice's Hummus to Gina's Salsa and the cocktails of Pink House Alchemy, all were originally created thanks to help from the Arkansas Food Innovation Center.