Illinois River Watershed

J. Froelich / KUAF

Nicole Hardiman, director of the Illinois River Watershed Partnership headquartered in Cave Springs, discusses recent changes by the Trump administration to historic federal environmental policies, as well as how her organization has managed to maintain operations during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Illinois River Watershed Partnership will host a free day-long seminar on commercial low-impact development June 19. The field day will feature discussions about water quality improvements and energy conservation practices, as well as a tour of green infrastructure projects in Bentonville. Preregistration is requested.

courtesy: Illinois River Watershed Partnership

Arkansas and Oklahoma have agreed on developing a collaborative watershed management plan for the Illinois River Watershed. Oklahoma has long fought with Arkansas over pollution in the 145-mile long river, which originates in southern Washington County.

courtesy / University of Arkansas

A two-state scientific panel facilitated by the Governors of Arkansas and Oklahoma has come to an agreement on a water quality phosphorous standard for Oklahoma's scenic rivers, drained by a watershed shared by both states. Panel member, Brian Haggard, director of the Arkansas Water Resources Center at the University of Arkansas, explains.

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Following a protracted legal battle between Arkansas and Oklahoma over pollutants in the Illinois River watershed, shared by both states, progress is being made to find common ground.    

Jacqueline Froelich talks with Brian Haggard, director of the Arkansas Water Resources Center.