Invasive plants

Courtesy / United States Department of Agriculture

Since July, residents across the state and country have reported receiving unsolicited packets of seeds that appear to come from China. The Arkansas Department of Agriculure warns not to plant the seeds and to turn them over to the department or a local extension office. 

J. Froelich / KUAF

The University of Arkansas Herbarium, established in 1875, houses the largest collection of preserved vascular plant specimens in the state. It's among eight herbaria in Arkansas, and over a hundred across the southeastern U.S., that serve as a centers for scientific research and botanical education. Manager Jennifer Ogle provides a tour of the newly relocated facility. An open house is scheduled for March 7. 

J. Froelich-KUAF

Fayetteville is the first city in Arkansas to restrict certain invasive plants and trees. We take a walk with the city’s sustainability director, along an affected portion of the Fayetteville urban trail to see why.