Courtesy / Thomas Lee Jones

Diana Henry has used her talent and cameras to capture history. Tomorrow night, she'll share some of her experiences, virtually, with the Photographic Society of Northwest Arkansas. Henry was the official photographer for the Women's National Conference in 1977.

Courtesy / Azahares

The 12th edition of the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith's Spanish-language literary magazine is out now. The goal of Azahares is to provide students and community members with a literary space for writing that focuses on the Latino experience.

Courtesy / Oxford American

For a lot of national magazines and journals, the coronavirus pandemic has been stressful, both financially and logistically. But, Sara A. Lewis, executive editor for the Arkansas-based Oxford American, says diverse and independent media is vital during a crisis, so the quarterly publication has found new ways to reach its audience to tell nuanced stories about the American South.

Courtesy / American Mosaic Journalism Prize

Darcy Corteau is one of two receipents of the 2020 American Mosiac Journalism Prize, which is awarded for work about underrepresented or misrepresented populations. Darcy says growing up in the Northwest Arkansas Ozarks helped fuel her passion for documenting outsider communities.

Last week, Washington Post White House correspondent Josh Dawsey was on the University of Arkansas campus to deliver the 2019 Roy Reed Lecture. He has covered the Trump Administration, and he even won an award from the White House Correspondents Association for his coverage of a story regarding a colorful remark by the President. Before his lecture in Fayetteville, he stopped by to talk to us about covering that and other stories of the current presidential administration.

Josh Dawsey covers the White House and President Trump for the Washington Post. This week, he delivered the annual Roy Reed Lecture for the School of Journalism and Strategic Media at the University of Arkansas. Before that lecture, he stopped by our studio to talk with us about his job.

Courtesy / Arkansas Department of Education

At the end of May, the Arkansas Department of Education Board voted to overhaul the rules that govern standards for accreditation of public schools and school districts, which includes the type of courses offered at schools across the state. Since the 1980s, the Department of Education required all Arkansas schools to offer journalism as an elective, but the recent vote ends that mandate.