KUAF Music and Culture

Courtesy University of Arkansas Music Department

Since 1983, a concert each spring has shined the spotlight on the brightest music students at the University of Arkansas. This year's concert, which takes place Sunday, April 14, at the Faulkner Performing Arts Center, ended up with an accidental theme of love.

Learn more from departmental organizer Miroslava Panayotova and euphonium player Ryan Moos, one of the 2019 competition winners.

Fayetteville gets extra jazzy this weekend, thanks to the Fayetteville Jazz Festival. Learn more from organizers Kim and Chris Teal of the University of Arkansas Community Music School.

"Jazz has been such an interesting way to approach scholarship because it's given me a really interesting lens on the history of the United States and American culture," explains Kim.

Courtesy Rachel Lynett

One play at Theatre Squared's "Arkansas New Play Festival" tackles the TV/film industry in the #MeToo era.

Rachel Lynett's "He Did It" will have its second staged reading  Saturday, April 6 inside Nadine Baum Studios.

Lynett, who believes artists are at the frontline of social justice, became a playwright, in part, because she couldn't find roles that don't typecast her because of her race or her sexuality. 

Learn more in the full on-demand stream.

Courtesy Shabana Kauser

How does a London native born to Pakistani immigrants end up moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas, to create detailed portraits adorned in elaborate duptta scarves painted in tribute to her rich cultural history? Find out, in this conversation with painter Shabana Kauser. 

One local music scholar gets personal with yet another iconic towering figure of the classical canon in his latest research.

After tackling Vivaldi, follwed by Mozart, Miles Dayton Fish, professor of music at Northwest Arkansas Community College, he's turned to Beethoven by scouring the composer's own correspendence along with correspondence of his contemporaries.