A grieving Arkansas widower is being denied spousal Social Security benefits. The widower is gay. As Jacqueline Froelich reports, Lambda Legal, the nation’s historic LGBT civil rights litigation organization, has taken on his precedent-setting case.

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Jacqueline Froelich

The state’s first comprehensive municipal civil rights ordinance—passed last August in Fayetteville--was overturned at the ballot box three months later.  Among those who came out in support of the measure for the first time were transgender residents. We take you inside Fayetteville’s transgender community.

Voters in Fayetteville decided the fate of a fairness ordinance Tuesday.

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Thirty states now allow same-sex marriage, since the U.S. Supreme Court refused last week to review numerous contested gay marriage ban appeals. Arkansas, however, is among 14 states still battling the issue in the courts. Jacqueline Froelich gets reaction from a leading LGBT civil rights organizer, and analysis from Danielle Weatherby, an assistant professor of law at the University of Arkansas. 

Jacqueline Froelich

After a ten-hour long meeting Tuesday night, Fayetteville City Council passed a comprehensive civil rights ordinance, and created a new civil rights administrator to investigate reported abuses. Jacqueline Froelich covered the prolonged session.