Marshall Islands

J. Froelich, T. Dennis / KUAF

Last week, hundreds of Pacific Islanders from a dozen nations and key U.S. states gathered in Fayetteville for a health summit hosted by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Northwest campus. Research scientists, health care providers, and public health experts working with Pacific Islander populations, including Ozark Marshallese, were on-hand.

Poster courtesy Microwave Films

Jilel: The Calling of the Shell” is being shown in Springdale at the Jones Center this weekend. Characterized as a “global warming fairy tale,” the film explores how a little islander girl confronts both her tribal ancestry and rising seas which are engulfing her Pacific archipelago. We talk with the film's director about the film's message and what climate change is doing to the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Dr. Michael Duke, associate professor of anthropology at the University of Memphis is engaged in a multi-year cultural immersion research project focused on the health of Marshall Islanders living in Northwest Arkansas.

Tony deBrum, Foreign Minister for the Republic of the Marshall Islands, is on a mission. He’s alerting the world on how his Pacific island nation is starting to submerge due to rising seas caused by climate change. And as witness to a decade of cold-war atmospheric nuclear bomb tests on the Marshalls, Minister deBrum is also calling for global nuclear disarmament.