of note with katy henriksen

K. Henriksen / KUAF

After nearly eight years as the producer and host of Of Note, we say goodbye to Katy Henriksen and reflect on her time as KUAF's curator of compelling classical music and all-around arts guru.

Jonathan Hess

For his latest effort, Amit Peled tackled "the Bible" of cello repertoire by recording the Bach cello suites using Pablo Casal's cello-- the very same cello he originally heard the suites performed on as a child.

"I waited for this jewel for so long because I wanted to make sure that the cello allows me to bring out who I am, and not what I have in my mind or in my ear," Peled said. 

Despite history repeating itself with the same repertoire on the same instrument, Peled's own interpretation continues to embody who he is as a musician.

The husband and wife team known as the Fischer Duo tackle two very different Brahms Sonatas for a new recording.

"The process of taking out a project of this magnitude with these great pieces forces us to get an even clearer vision of what it is we're trying to do," explains cellist Norman Fischer. "It''s the most magical, torturous process to push ourselves both as players, and as musicians." 

Listen to the full interview in the streaming link above.

A Summer of Classical Music

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We hear from Katy Henriksen, host of Of Note every Sunday through Thursday at 8 p.m. on 91.3, about how she makes music selections for the show.

Katy Henriksen, the host of Of Note Sunday through Thursday at 8 p.m. on 91.3, gives us a preview of the next week of shows, which includes new music for Halloween, a look at an upcoming visual arts showcase and more.

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