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We go back to 2002 when Kyle Kellams paid a visit to the small town of Quitman where, at that time, 14 elephants had found sanctuary with Scott and Heidi Riddle. The Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary opened in 1990 to provide a permanent home for African and Asian elephants.

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We go back nearly seven years to 2014, when the band Elephant Revival, which has since dissolved, came by the KUAF studios to play a few songs for us.

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At the moment, the nation's attention is on the U.S. Senate and the impeachment trial of Former President Donald Trump. But, 19 years ago this month, we were talking about a different trial, one that focused on legandary U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves.

We head into the Ozarks at Large archives for a story from February 1996. That's when Jennifer Fulford reported on efforts to preserve Native American languages.

In today’s visit to the Ozarks at Large archives, we travel back to 1999, when politicians, pundits, journalists and activists wanting to keep up with the Arkansas State Legislature found the task easier than in the past thanks to the General Assembly’s homepage on the World Wide Web. The homepage debuted in 1997 and at the time this story was reported, the website had undergone an extensive upgrade.

In this story from the archives, we travel back to the week in 1999, when the General Assembly opened for its Regular Session and Mike Huckabee was inaugurated as the governor of Arkansas. At the time, Ozarks at Large's Dan Bennett was in Little Rock covering the 82nd General Assembly.

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We head into the Ozarks at Large archives once more, this time to 1999, when University of Arkansas architecture students participated in a semester-long workshop to create infrastructure for a long-term space station. The assembly of the International Space Station started in 1998.

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The Ozarks may not have quartz, but another part of the state does. We go more than 20 years back in the Ozarks at Large archive to 1997 for a trip to the Ouachita Mountains. 

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We go back in time to 1998 to discuss the history of measuring time with David Ewing Duncan, whose book, Calendar: Humanity's Epic Struggle to Determine a True and Accurate Year, had just been published.

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We take a listen back to a story from the summer of 1995, when Dickson Street in Fayetteville was evolving, and hear about the closing of Shipley's Bakery and how a number of businesses have shaped the street and city for decades.