Ozarks at Large

On today's show, the boom in outdoor recreation business and a new program at the University of Arkansas designed to foster local entrepreneurship. Plus, our weekly roundup of live music in the area, and much more.

On today's show, looking at how a global pandemic is taking a toll on the emotional and mental health of Arkansas children. Plus, a Razorback football player who has records that have stood for 90 years, and much more.

On today's show, a do-it-yourself air purifier from a physics professor at the University of Arkansas. Plus, the grand influence insects can have on the planet, redistricting of congressional districts, and much more.

On today's show, a guide to using social media in ways that benefit. Plus, a documentary about saving a rare Ozarks' fish, the arrival and departure of a former Razorback football coach, and much more.

On today’s show, The new Arkansas Cyber Advisory Council is hard at work, but don’t expect findings and recommendations to be made public. Plus, helping students think about traveling abroad, and much more.

On today's show, state foresters say this year’s extreme weather is taking an unusual toll on certain Ozark trees, “scorching” healthy summer leaves. Plus, our weekly round up of live music, and much more.

On today's show, Rolling Hills Baptist Church hosts a Marshallese Pentecostal congregation that doesn’t have a permanent church home. Plus, the conclusions of a new report from the Walton Family Foundation about increasing the amount of affordable housing in northwest Arkansas, and much more.

On today's show, the people who keep a watch on the stash of medical marijuana, many of whom are vets. Plus, a textbook used to teach math for 2,000 years, a conversation with the Arkansas Secretary of State, and much more.

On today's show, it’s Welcoming Week in Northwest Arkansas and we find out just what that means and how Engage NWA and partners are working to make inclusion an everyday part of the region. Plus, what the Texas law limiting abortions means for Arkansas, and much more.

On today's show, how the Fayetteville Public Library is offering help for becoming a United States Citizen, and landing an airplane. Plus, Talk Business & Politics' Michael Tilley joins us to discuss some of the week’s developments, and much more.