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On today's show: art, social justice and more. A new episode of Undisciplined is out and host Caree Banton talks with Sharon Killian about Black art and social movements. Plus, writer and performer Tim Miller is in residency at the University of Arkansas, working with students and performing while here, and much more.

On today's show, The University of Arkansas alum’s book is a New York Times Bestseller and will be adapted by Netflix. Plus, one of the oldest hand-cut stone dams on the Arkansas Ozarks, in a remote part of Eureka Springs, at risk of failure, is being restored.

On today's show, the Northwest Arkansas Hispanic Leadership Council partners mentors with mentees. Plus, a new program connects Arkansas farmers with Arkansas school children, and much more.

On today's show, butterflies are free to fly from a northwest Arkansas monarch butterfly hatchery. Plus, a big book festival begins next week, and much more.

On today's show, residents of Hillcrest Towers, a recently renovated public housing project in Fayetteville, say an HVAC system mold outbreak is making tenants sick. Plus, the Governor won’t sign—or veto—bills passed last week.

On today's show, research into long COVID symptoms at UAMS may be delivering hope for people who feel various effects of the virus well after initial infection. Plus, a major grant from the National Science Foundation is awarded to a U of A professor, and much more.

On today's show, connecting athletes with disabilities to sports in the region. Plus, the process and importance of legislative redistricting in Arkansas, and much more.

On today's show, building a more resilient food system in America with U of A professor Marty Matlock. Plus, the world’s best cyclocross athletes are coming to Fayetteville, and much more.

On today's show, a clinical trial that may eventually help protect those with vaccine hesitancy. Plus, help for small farms in northwest Arkansas to distribute produce further, and much more.

On today's show, a study led by a researcher at UAMS demonstrates mental health is important during pregnancy and labor. Plus, a crisis stabilization unit in Washington County is returning, and much more.