The Where Affects The How

Feb 12, 2015

University of Arkansas researchers conducted exit polling to look at how the location; whether a school, church or courthouse; at which you vote can affect how you vote.

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Arkansas General Assembly

A bill to bar counties and cities from enacting inclusive civil rights ordinances passed the Arkansas State Senate Monday afternoon and is currently in the House. The measure is getting flack, however, from the city of Eureka Springs--which passed its own emergency anti-bias ordinance Monday night.

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Exit Polls Add to Political Understanding

Feb 11, 2015

The sometimes reliable, sometimes not may add to excitement on election night, but some researchers say exit polls add to the understanding of political science.

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Congressman Bruce Westerman is the member of the United States House of Representatives from Arkansas' Fourth District.  This morning he discussed his first days in Washington DC, President Obama's State of the Union speech and more.