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Tomorrow evening, Gen. Wesley K. Clark (ret.) will speak, virtually, as a guest of the University of Arkansas Honors College. He is a businessman, educator, writer and commentator, as well as the former Supreme Allied Commander Europe and the founder of Renew America Together. Earlier this month, he talked to us about what's next for the country as it transitions from one presidential administration to another.

John Brummett, a political writer for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and Roby Brock, with our partner Talk Business and Politics, discuss the first two weeks of politics in 2021. From a pro-Trump riot at the U.S. Capitol to the first few days of the legislative session in Little Rock, the new year is already in high gear.

In today’s visit to the Ozarks at Large archives, we travel back to 1999, when politicians, pundits, journalists and activists wanting to keep up with the Arkansas State Legislature found the task easier than in the past thanks to the General Assembly’s homepage on the World Wide Web. The homepage debuted in 1997 and at the time this story was reported, the website had undergone an extensive upgrade.

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On the first day of the Arkansas Legislative Session, Rep. Stephanie Flowers, a Democrat from Pine Bluff, suggested an update to a rule requiring face coverings. She proposed an amendment penalizing anyone who fails to wear one at all times by docking per diem payments. The amendment was rejected on a voice vote.

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An expected controvery over the race for House District 32 did not materialize during the first day of the 2021 Legislative Session. Roby Brock, from our content partner Talk Business and Politics, and John Brummett, from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, reflect on the legal challenges to Democrat Ashley Hudson's election to the post in their weekly conversation.

Public Policy Center Educates Voters on Redistricting

Jan 12, 2021

With election season behind us, the Arkansas Public Policy Center has shifted its attention to the Arkansas Legislative Session. The center will continue its efforts to educate voters by sharing information about redistricting, as well as any constitutional amendments legislators refer to voters.

In this story from the archives, we travel back to the week in 1999, when the General Assembly opened for its Regular Session and Mike Huckabee was inaugurated as the governor of Arkansas. At the time, Ozarks at Large's Dan Bennett was in Little Rock covering the 82nd General Assembly.

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The Regular Session of the 93rd General Assembly convenes today. Lawmakers have already filed bills on topics ranging from abortion to hate crimes. Sarah Kellogg, with our content partner KUAR, speaks with AP reporter Andrew Demillo to learn what we can expect from the 2021 session.

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Two top Arkansas lawmakers and Governor Asa Hutchinson fielded questions from reporters about the 2021 legislative session at a two-hour virtual round table hosted Friday by the Arkansas Press Association and Associated Press. Questions revolved around proposed bills, pandemic procedures, as well as the recent attack by Trump supporters on the U.S. Capitol. 

John Brummett, political writer for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and Roby Brock, with our partner Talk Business and Politics, discuss an already heavily political new year. From a presidential phone call to the upcoming legislative session in Little Rock, they consider how 2021 has already become quite newsworthy.