KUAF Membership Director Cheri Ottaviano delivered dozens of boxes of donations from KUAF's Giving Tree to Antioch for Youth and Family Food Bank in Fort Smith over the weekend. Antioch for Youth and Family provides nutritious and simple meals to Arkansans in need. You can learn more about Antioch's mission and work here. 

Michael Tilley, with Talk Business and Politics, discusses this week's Urban Institute Data Walk in Fort Smith that outlined factors contributing to poverty in the region and offers his thoughts on a puzzling high school conference realignment.

Courtesy / Center for Governmental Research

A new, online interactive map and accompanying report assembled from research done by the Center for Governmental Research, which was funded by the Walmart Foundation, shows users food outlets throughout Benton and Washington Counties.

Last week hundreds of representatives from nonprofit agencies and the private sector gathered to discuss how to reduce the number of children living in poverty in the region.

Yesterday a summit about children in poverty was held in Rogers.  One of the speakers, Brenda Zedlitz from Economic Opportunity Agency, explained what life is like for the 26,000 children living in poverty in northwest Arkansas.