Today we are joined by Richard Emms, who is part of the group Food Recycling Solutions, as well as  Micheal Kraus, from a group known as Food Loops. They are here to talk to us about how to better utilize the food waste around us.

Courtesy / University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas Razorback Recycling program is feeling the global shift in the recycling market. The school was recently notified the commingling of recycling streams no longer makes economical sense for the campus' primary recycling broker.

eSCO Processing and Recycling in Rogers is the largest sustainable electronics waste management firm in the Midwest. The company is donating refurbished computer systems to the Arkansas STEM Coalition.

Z. Sitek / KUAF

About a month ago, Rogers stopped accepting plastic bags for recycling because of a lack of a buyer for the material. The domestic market for plastics is saturated, and changes in regulations overseas have made offloading those materials difficult. We learn more about the dilemna facing plastics recycling programs.

courtesy: Arkansas Recycling Coalition

John Bradburn, lead materials and sustainability officer for Pathway 21, is keynote speaker for the Arkansas Recycling Coalition's 28th annual conference and trade show. He recently retired as global manager of waste reduction at General Motors. The conference will be held through Oct. 10 in Eureka Springs.