J. Froelich / KUAF

Vet Veggies in Springdale, a veteran-owned enterprise, provides fresh leafy green hydroponic-grown vegetables and herbs year-round to Northwest Arkansas restaurants and grocers. The company is a proving ground for sustainable climate-controlled freight shipping container vegetable farming.

Z. Sitek / KUAF

Twelve Marshallese women are taking a sewing course at the Arkansas Art and Fashion Forum headquarters where they will learn everything from threading a sewing machine to sewing a simple dress. Fashion scene leaders believe teaching sewing to more people is part of laying the groundwork for a future micro batch clothing economy. 

Courtesy / LIVSN Design

The goal of LIVSN Designs is to create “versatile, well-made clothing," which will help keep the products out of the landfill. The Fayetteville-based company is wrapping up a Kickstarter campaign to produce a new version of its flex canvas pant.

Melissa Terry has become nationally recognized for her programming on school food waste reduction and recovery.

J. Froelich

An unusual development is slowly taking shape, on a 125-acre Ozarks parcel located on the Kings River watershed, described as a sustainable living laboratory. We take you to Rockspire.  More information is available here