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The day after Tyson Foods released the results of its facility-wide COVID-19 testing initiative, protesters with Venceremos marched through downtown Springdale to demand that Governor Asa Hutchinson briefly shutdown Northwest Arkansas's poultry plants to allow workers to quarantine.

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Magaly Licolli, the cofounder of Venceremos, and Mireya Reith, the founding executive director of Arkansas United, are calling on state leaders to act as COVID-19 cases skyrocket in the Latinx community, which makes up a large portion of the workforce at Northwest Arkansas's poultry plants.

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The social justice group Venceremos recently tried to deliver petitions signed by nearly 200 line workers to the plant manager of a Tyson poultry slaughterhouse on Berry Street in Springdale. The petitioners are seeking comprehensive coronavirus workplace protections.

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Tyson Foods unveiled its Manufacturing Automation Center in downtown Springdale last week. The state-of-the-art facility is designed to help the company develop more automation and robotics for its food processing plants.


Tyson Foods is donating 110,000 pounds of protein to the NWA Food Bank as part of its Miles that Matter program. The Springdale-based company has donated 9 million pounds, making it the largest protein donor to the food bank.

For the last five years, Tyson Foods' Upward Academy has offered ESL, GED and citizenship courses and assistance to the employees at its plants. The program began in 2014 in Springdale and has since spread to dozens of plants across the country. Next year, Tyson also plans to pilot digital and financial literacy courses with the goal of providing employees with more opportunities, which has yielded higher attendance and retention rates throughout the company.


Industrial agriculture has a distinct impact on the environment. According to Mighty Earth, meat production directly contributes to water pollution. Mighty Earth is a national grassroots organization that focuses on environmental issues. The group is holding a rally for clean water on Nov. 30 at the Tyson Headquarters in Springdale as part of the "NWA Clean it Up, Tyson" campaign. 

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Tyson Foods and Ozark Literacy Council are collaborating on a pilot program to provide immigrant and migrant workers literacy skills--at the worksite, both before and after hours. We take you to a meatpacking plant in Springdale to meet the teachers and observe a class in session.

Tyson Foods’ Miles that Matter initiative promotes health and wellness among employees by encouraging them to walk, run or cycle on the Razorback Greenway. For every mile completed this summer, Tyson will donate one pound of protein to the NWA Food Bank, up to 50,000 pounds. 

Tyson Coming Home to Emma Avenue

Oct 8, 2015
Christina Karnatz

Tyson Foods, the Springdale Chamber of Commerce, and the Downtown Springdale Initiative invited people to Emma Avenue this morning for an announcement about an old tenant returning to the street. Christina captured some of the comments at the event.

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