In anticipation of the 9th annual Run for Veterans Race, 7Hills Homeless Shelter CEO Jessica Andrews speaks with Pete Hartman in the Nancy Blair Operations Studio. 

The four-mile run started in 2009 as a way to commemorate veterans and service members on Independence Day. Since 2010 the proceeds of the race have gone to 7Hills, which provides services to veterans and low-income veteran families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

Life after war can be one of the most challenging obstacles for a veteran. That's why Soldier's Songs and Voices offers Northwest Arkansas veterans an outlet to express themselves and share their experience with other returned soldiers. 

Lee Haight and Jim Hale spoke with Pete Hartman about the veteran-run project and how they are working to heal the wounds of war on the home front. 

The Regional National Cemetery Improvement Corp (RNCIC) was started in 1984 when the Fayetteville National Cemetery began running out of space for veterans, who have been buried there since the end of the Civil War.

Merle Williams, Publicity Director for the RNCIC, talks to Pete Hartman about the organization's 9th annual 5K run on Nov. 4. All proceeds from the race support land expansion for the cemetery. 

To register and take a look at the race route visit the RNCIC website

Northwest Regional Housing Authority is offering home rehabilitation grants to qualifying U.S. veterans living in the twelve-county northwest Arkansas region. The Authority operates under the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development agency and provides an array of rehabilitation program grants and loans to low-income homeowners. Agency counselors are available at 870-743-6779.

J. Froelich / KUAF

The newly launched Doomsday Coffee shop in Evelyn Hills Center in Fayetteville donates a percentage of proceeds from every bag of coffee beans sold to various veteran nonprofits, especially "Mission 22" which works to reduce U.S. veteran suicide. We meet veteran owner and operator, Jason Collins.