Washington County

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Rep. Nicole Clowney, D-District 86, represents west Fayetteville and for the past two months she's been concerned about the 25 to 29 percent positivity rate of COVID-19 testing in Washington County when the CDC recommends that figure should be below 10 percent. In this case, a high positivity rate means there aren't enough people being tested. Clowney discusses why that might be and ways to increase testing in the county.

Courtesy / Lester Jones, c.1934, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

A new website recounts the lynching of three men in Washington County in 1856. The creators of the website also want to establish a memorial to the men and say we have to understand how the past, present and future of the region are deeply linked.

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On Wednesday morning, Washington County Sheriff Tim Helder announced there were at least 15 cases of COVID-19 at the county's detention facility. The cases were identified in a group of 40 quarantined detainees using rapid coronavirus test kits and than confirmed through lab testing that was recommended by the Arkansas Department of Health. All sheriff's office staff and jail detainees will now undergo testing. Earlier this week, the Benton County Sheriff's Office also announced one staff member and one detainee had tested positive for COVID-19.

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In recognition of National Emergency Services Week, Northwest Arkansas Central EMS, which provides emergency ambulance services to Fayetteville and most of Washington County, is launching a new awareness campaign and celebrating a 40th anniversary. Chief Becky Stewart is encouraging county residents to consider enrolling in Central EMS cost-saving Paramedic Ambulance Membership Plan.

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John Luther, the director of Washington County Emergency Management, and Becky Stewart, chief of Central EMS, the county's ambulance service, describe how they and their teams are faring and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in the county.