Washington Regional Medical Center

Courtesy / Washington Regional Medical Center

According to statistics from a coalition of Northwest Arkansas healthcare providers, at last check, there were 57 patients in the region's COVID-19 Units. Those patients are being cared for by nurses like Zenobia Taylor, who has been working in one of Washington Regional Medical Center's COVID-19 Units since March.

On Thursday night's Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, Maddow shared a letter the president and CEO of Washington Regional Medical System sent to his staff on June 19. At one point, President and CEO Larry Shackelford wrotes he not prepared for what I experienced after making rounds through Washington Regional Medical Center's two COVID-19 units.

Northwest Arkansas Health Care Providers

Cases of COVID-19 have been skyrocketing in Northwest Arkansas over the last few weeks, so healthcare providers in the region ware launching a new campaign called "Safe and Strong" to remind residents of the serious nature of the coronavirus.

Washington Regional Medical Center is launching a new billing system Feb.1. The new system will consolidate most Washington Regional hospital, clinic and department bills on a single statement.

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A device called a CuddleCot, which was recently donated by the Chandler and Paisley Skies Foundation to Washington Regional Women and Infants Center, allows grieving families to spend more time with deceased stillborn and newborn infants.