wetland ecology

Courtesy / Rebecca Haynie

In the mid-1990s, dozens of bald eagles started dying at DeGray Lake after exhibiting neurological symptoms like stumbling, flying into cliffs and stooped wings. A quarter century later, researchers have identified the specific pollutant that causes blue green algae to make a novel toxin that then leads to brain lesions in the birds. Their research was published last month in Science Magazine.

Courtesy / Joe Neal

Approval for a proposed Lindsey real estate and golf development called the "Links at Centerton" was tabled after a public hearing by the Centerton Planning Commssion and Board of Zoning this week, pending review by Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, which operates the Charlie Craig State Fish Hatchery close by. Birding experts oppose the project saying migratory and native birds rely on the constructed wetland. Hundreds of nearby residents also oppose the development citing traffic congestion.

J. Froelich / KUAF

A degraded wetland in the White River Watershed in southeast Fayetteville, which is jointly owned by the city and the Watershed Conservation Resource Center, is undergoing ecological restoration.

Courtesy / Jami Linder Photography

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has observed two new bird species nesting in a southern Arkansas wetland that had been restored.

Eric Fuselier - with the Society of Wetland Scientists - talks about the annual Northwest Arkansas Wetland Ecology Tour taking place at the Woolsey Wet Prairie on May 4.