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Commercial wild turtle trapping remains legal in Arkansas, although it is outlawed in a growing number of states. However, public concern and pressure from conservation groups have caused the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to consider taking more measures to protect wild turtle populations. A pending decision this month was delayed by AGFC until mid-October, giving time for the agency to examine the latest data and more time for public comment.


Blue herons spend much of their lives standing very still in streams and rivers in search of fresh fish. However, herons nest in "rookeries" high in riparian treetops. We take you to a private Ozarks heron rookery closely monitored by noted wildlife artist Susan Morrison.

courtesy / University of Arkansas Media Relations

A grant will allow the University of Arkansas to study the migration patterns of the monarch in an effort to protect and preserve the animal's habitat.

J. Froelich / KUAF

The National Wildlife Federation is sponsoring a nationwide monarch butterfly urban and suburban habitat cultivation initiative.

Several cities in Arkansas have signed the NWF Monarch Pledge, including Springdale. We meet Springdale's leading monarch ambassadors

Sara Bartlett

Migratory tropical hummingbirds will make their annual journey onto the Ozarks over the next few weeks, where a fortunate few will find sweet nectar freshly mixed by local residents contained in special bright red feeders. We visit Washington County resident, Sara Bartlett, who's become something of a legend in the hummingbird community.  She teaches us some rules about caring for the birds.

(Thanks to Arkansas bird expert Joe Neal for contributing hummingbird audio for this story.)

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