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A new wind farm in Oklahoma, owned by Southwestern Electric Power Company and sister utility, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, recently began to generate renewable electricity to SWEPCO customers in Arkansas. Two more additional wind facilities under construction will also go on-line in the near future. Peter Main, spokesperson for SWEPCO, details the North Central Energy Facilities project, in light of SWEPCO's clean energy goals. 

The Wind Catcher Energy Connection, under development on the Oklahoma Panhandle, will be one of the largest wind turbine arrays of its kind. Once built, Southwestern Electric Power Company will purchase a 70 percent share of the $4.5 billion 2000-megawatt generation facility, and the Public Service Company of Oklahoma will purchase the remaining 30 percent. The purchase plan, which is undergoing a multi-state regulatory review (see APSC Docket 17-038-U), appears to be on track for approval in Arkansas.

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The new Wind Catcher Energy Connection Project, the nation's largest wind farm, is under construction in Western Oklahoma. Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) plans to buy a majority stake in the farm, once complete, and build a new transmission line to deliver the clean, renewable energy to customers in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. We visit SWEPCO headquarters in Fayetteville to discuss details with spokesperson Peter Main.

Jacqueline Froelich

Property zoning for an experimental wind farm to be constructed on a newly annexed parcel of land near a residential district of Elm Springs has stalled pending more public review.

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Jacqueline Froelich

The 300-acre wind farm, which will likely be annexed into the town of Elm Springs, has raised health and noise concerns among residents.