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After hitting record lows for air travel earlier this year due to COVID-19, passenger traffic is beginning to rise at Northwest Arkansas National Airport. In April, XNA had a 95% drop in enplanements from 2019, but those numbers were at approximately 71% for July. A spokesperson for XNA credits leisure as the main driver for travelers. 

Courtesy / Northwest Arkansas National Airport

Northwest Arkansas National Airport is now providing vending machines stocked with Travel Clean Kits. Created by local residents, the kits include items like a mask, locally-source hand sanitizer gel and foot coverings for the TSA check line.

Courtesy / Northwest Arkansas National Airport

To help airports weather the pandemic, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security or CARES Act, includes $10 billion in economic relief funds for airports. The Federal Aviation Administration is awarding $51 million in grants to Arkansas airports including Northwest Arkansas National Airport, which is receiving $8.2 million in aid.

Courtesy / Northwest Arkansas National Airport

After setting a record for the number of customers flying out of XNA in 2019, officials at Northwest Arkansas National Airport are thinking about 2020. Plans include a more intuitive website, more interaction through social media and renewed efforts to attract flyers.

We dip into our archives, from 1992 to 2018, to examine how Ozarks at Large has covered aviation stories for the past 30 years. We'll go back to a pre-XNA Highfill, to the "cloud breaking" ceremony for XNA in 1995, and spend some time in the air considering aviation tourism.

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The Runway Rovers Therapy Dog Program brings dogs to Northwest Arkansas National Airport where travelers can relieve their stress by petting the animals. Launched in August 2017, the volunteer program has grown to include 15 dogs and one miniature horse.

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Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport is adding 5,400 square feet to its security checkpoint to accommodate more passangers. Officials expect construction to wrap up by the end of October.

Officials with Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport and Frontier Airlines on Monday announced new non-stop routes to Denver. The route is the first entry into XNA for the airline, and flights will connect to Denver Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Ever left a neck pillow or a phone charger behind at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport? You might find it at tomorrow's silent auction. XNA collects a myriad of items in its lost and found. If belongings haven't been claimed after 90 days, airport staff store the items until they have enough things to auction off once or twice a year. The revenue goes into XNA's general fund.

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While thousands will fly home for Christmas this week, XNA officials say they see the most travelers during Spring Break and Walmart Shareholders Week.