KUAF Internships

KUAF is accepting applications for development, classical music and production internships. The station is interested in aspiring radio journalists and non-profit fundraisers who are familiar with public radio and would like to give it a try. All internships are unpaid but provide an excellent opportunity for credit and great work experience for your resume.

Development Intern

KUAF’s Development Intern is responsible for helping the Development team in maintaining donor records, entering funds in the station database, coordinating and training volunteers, helping with the preparation and execution of events and on-air fundraisers and other duties as assigned for the station. 

Working with the Membership Director and Underwriting Director, the Development intern is responsible for the following: 

  • Learning and maintaining the station’s membership database Allegiance, entering checks and other revenue into Allegiance, changing donor addresses, running Underwriting billing and more
  • Helping prepare and execute the on-air fundraisers by scheduling volunteers and food vendors, participating in volunteer trainings, overseeing volunteers during the drive and more
  • Helping with donor communications including renewal mail, monthly reminders, e-newsletters, social media and more
  • Helping with station events in all aspects of preparation, execution and evaluation
  • Creating, posting and curating content that interacts with KUAF membership through KUAF's social media outlets
  • Other duties as assigned

Classical Music Intern

KUAF's classical music intern works with Classical Music Director, Katy Henriksen, to coordinate, organize and promote KUAF's classical music programming. Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Cataloging new classical music CDs and organizing the classical music library and database
  • Assist with the acquisition of new releases for the classical music library by working with labels and press contacts
  • Help create and input classical music posts for the KUAF website
  • Input playlist information to our online playlist database
  • Assist with the production and promotion of KUAF's local classical music programs 
  • Assist with the scheduling and recording of musicians in the Firmin-Garner performance studio
  • Creating, posting and curating classical music content for KUAF's and Of Note's social media presence
  • Other duties as assigned

Production/Operations Intern - NO OPEN POSITIONS AT THIS TIME

KUAF's production intern works with KUAF Operations Manager, Pete Hartman, to assist with some or all of the following:

  • Oversee online public service announcements, capture and create copy for on-air PSAs
  • Oversee the general KUAF email account and disperse messages as appropriate
  • Learn spot production and editing, gathering audio for sonic IDs
  • Creating digital files for on-air fundraisers
  • Creating, posting and curating local content and national content from NPR, APM and PRI for KUAF's social media outlets
  • Other duties as assigned


All KUAF interns are required to work at least 10 hours a week. 


If you are interested in an internship at KUAF, please send an email with resume attached, to the appropriate department head. For development that's Leigh Wood, for classical music it's Katy Henriksen, and for operations that's Pete Hartman.  Please specify any radio, public media or non-profit experience you have and/or any relevant classes you have taken.