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The Listening Lab

The Listening Lab podcast is a collection of intimate, honest, and meaningful conversation from our Listening Lab studio - a space for conversations to better understand our neighbors and ourselves. On the Listening Lab podcast, you'll hear from people across our community sharing their experiences and conversations about big themes like acceptance and belonging to every day things, like interacting with our pets or best friends.

Made possible by Walmart Foundation's “Creating Community in Northwest Arkansas through Bridging and Belonging Initiatives” grant, The Listening Lab strives to solve the perceived problem that communities in Northwest Arkansas are more disparate than they are similar.

Watch Listening Lab videos at KUAF's YouTube page!

If you are an organization or individual interested in using The Listening Lab to record conversations, please fill out this form and we will be in touch with you to discuss your proposal.

Latest Episodes
  • For AAPI Heritage Month, Saad sits down with Fawn in the Lab to discuss what it's like living and working in Northwest Arkansas compared to his native Bangladesh.
  • For AAPI Heritage Month, Fawn sits down with Ari to talk about what it's like living and working in Northwest Arkansas.
  • For AAPI Heritage Month, Ayesha and Fawn sit down in the Lab to talk about the graduate school, family, and living in Northwest Arkansas being an Asian American.
  • For Mental Health Awareness month, a group of doctors and counselors from the Pat Walker Health Center on the University of Arkansas campus came to the Lab to discuss the importance of mental health awareness and tips on how to cope with the day to day struggles.
  • The Listening Lab continues to celebrate PRIDE in NWA, with Rebecca, known as DJ N8TIV and Kendra, who came to the Lab to talk about music, history and queer culture here in Northwest Arkansas.
  • Anne Shelley, Assistant Director of Talent and Leadership Development at the University of Arkansas, comes to the Listening Lab to talk about the queer history of Northwest Arkansas.
  • For our very first conversation in the Lab, we invited two mothers to share stories of the funny and sometimes not so funny moments of Motherhood. Thank you to Amira and Rhonda for coming to the Lab and sharing your voices!
  • Introducing the KUAF Listening Lab, a space for intimate and honest conversations to better understand our neighbors and ourselves. Listen to conversations from across Northwest Arkansas about acceptance, belonging, and the things that connect us all.