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Undisciplined is a podcast produced in collaboration with the African and African American Studies program with the University and KUAF Public Radio. Hosted by Dr. Caree Banton, this podcast will push the confines of your traditional academic disciplines and unveil how the objectives of African and African American studies can be found in the everyday if you just look.

Latest Episodes
  • In part two of our conversation with Michael Pierce, we hear what happens to Nelson Hackett, his impact on fugitivity and slavery in North America, and more.
  • Host Caree Banton is joined by Michael Pierce, an associate professor of history at the University of Arkansas to talk about the story of Nelson Hackett's escape from Fayetteville.
  • If you’re familiar at all with the west African nation of Liberia, perhaps you know it as a nation founded as a place for formerly enslaved African-Americans to return back to Africa following the American Civil War. However, Liberia became home for many Caribbean migrants as well from nations like Barbados and Trinidad. In the latest episode of Undisciplined, we hear from Lorenzo Witherspoon. Witherspoon is an ambassador from Liberia, working alongside Nelson Mandela, the World Health Organization, and an international renaissance man.
  • On today's episode, we talk to Mary Henningan, a journalist who recently reported on a racial massacre in St. Charles, Arkansas in 1904 and her editor Rob Wells.
  • A surprise period can ruin someone's day. That's why April Roy created FemPAQ. Today we hear about why it's important to talk about menstruation and the challenges of being a Black woman entrepreneur pitching to a room full of older men.
  • The conversation today focuses on infrastructure, interstate highways, and their impact on black communities. Airic Hughes discusses his research on I-630, the auxiliary interstate that runs through the heart of Little Rock and separates the white and nonwhite neighborhoods in the city. Host: Caree Banton Guest: Airic Hughes Producer: Matthew Moore Associate Producer: Sean Shoemaker Undisciplined is a production of KUAF Public Radio.
  • Undisciplined comes to you live from the Historic St. James Missionary Baptist Church in Fayetteville. Our panel includes Lowell Taylor, Dustin McGowan, and Suzanne Bridges.
  • Undisciplined comes to you live from Aki'bart Gallery in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Our panel includes Chris Chaney, Sherry Toliver, Talicia Richardson, John Blue, and Jay Richardson.
  • On today's episode of Undisciplined, we bring your our live recording from February 8th at Into+View Gallery in Rogers, Arkansas.
  • Host Caree Banton talks with Dr. Jacquelyn Weirsma-Mosley to helps us understand where our cultural competence sits on the continuum between denial and…