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Undisciplined is a podcast produced in collaboration with the African and African American Studies program with the University and KUAF Public Radio. Hosted by Dr. Caree Banton, this podcast will push the confines of your traditional academic disciplines and unveil how the objectives of African and African American studies can be found in the everyday if you just look.

Latest Episodes
  • Church in the African American tradition is a major element of life. For Dr. Calvin White, Jr., it was also the source material for his 2012 book The Rise to Respectability: Race Religion and the Church of God in Christ. In our conversation, we discuss the impact of growing up COGIC and more.
  • One of the hallmarks of the African and African American Studies program at the University of Arkansas is the semester abroad in Ghana. Today we hear from Kim Jannsen who has been on this trip twice. She shares the expectations, emotions, and impact the trip to Ghana had on her life.
  • When Americans think of vodou, we often think of the dolls, the stereotypes from the New Orleans shops, and witchcraft. Dr. Patrick Bellegarde-Smith helps us demystify and better understand the religion of Haitian vodou on this episode.
  • Verlon Stone is a special advisor at the Indiana University Liberian Collections, but his main goal is to help connect people with the sort of resources and research that helps them to build their own communities and understanding. He joins us to discuss his work, his passions, and more.
  • The sport basketball was famously invented by James Naismith in 1891, and within a matter of years, African Americans picked up the sport and began playing. Claude Johnson is the author of The Black Fives and has researched extensively the history of African American basketball teams predating integrated professional basketball leagues in the United States.
  • Do you remember the first time you were keenly aware of your body? Maybe a bully a school pointed out your skin tone, or you noticed your hair didn't look quite like your siblings. Body image plays a major role in our lives, and not just as kids. On today's episode we hear from Dr. Angela Mensah, an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas.
  • Joseph Wood is a surprising man in many ways. He was abandoned on the streets as a baby and was eventually fostered and adopted. He nearly became a Catholic priest. He’s a proud alumni of the historically black fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi. He’s a Chicago native Republican. And he’s also the first black county judge in the state of Arkansas. He sits down for an interview to discuss his life and time in politics with the Undisciplined crew.
  • Black enslaved women were the center of the profit world in America; they not only produced capital with their free labor in the fields, but they reproduced more capital and more workers. In a post-slavery society, they have had to hold space for white men, white women, and Black men—often at their own expense. Joi McGowan is one of the founders of Resilient Black Women and she joins us to talk about mental health and the uphill battle for Black Women to get the care they deserve and need. Host: Caree Banton Producer and Cohost: Matthew MooreGuest: Joi McGowanUndisciplined is a production of KUAF Public Radio and Ozarks at Large.
  • Introducing season 3 of the podcast, launching August 24th.
  • In celebration of Juneteenth, Undisciplined held a live taping of the podcast in front of an audience at NorthWest Arkansas Community College in Bentonville, Arkansas. The topic of discussion was continuing the work of freedom in the spirit of Juneteenth, with three panelists doing the work of justice and freedom in northwest Arkansas.