On today's show, a Fayetteville police officer, who was shot and killed last weekend, is laid to rest. Plus, protesters pack a Washington County 287(g) Customs and Immigration Enforcement meeting. And, we speak with pianist and composer Andrew Braithwaite who will be performing a holiday concert in Bella Vista in the coming weeks.

Michael Tilley, with Talk Business and Politics, discusses the challenges of operating a restaurant in general and in Fort Smith, specifically. Plus, he tells us more about an arts expansion in downtown Van Buren.

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Funeral services for slain Fayetteville Police Officer Stephen Carr were held Thursday. Dozens of people lined the streets as a procession of hundreds of law enforcement officers from around the country escorted Carr to Bud Walton Arena.

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More than 200 residents packed into the Washington County Quorum Courtroom Thursday, many to protest the annual Immigration and Customs Enforcement 287(g) meeting. Full coverage of the meeting will air on the Monday edition of Ozarks at Large.

A Whole Lot of Holiday

16 hours ago

Becca Martin-Brown, the features editor at the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, says theater takes center stage this holiday weekend.

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Andrew Braithwaite will host a free public concert at 4 p.m. Dec. 22 at Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel in Bella Vista. Earlier this year, Braithwaite came to the Firmin-Garner Performance Studio at KUAF to give us a sample of his musical stylings on the Mary Baker Rumsey Steinway piano.

On today's show, we head to the historic Eureka Spring Hospital, which has taken back control of its facilities after decades of leasing out medical management. Plus, weary and anxious travelers are being welcomed by furry, four-legged stress relievers at the Northwest Arkansas National Airport. And, the Fayetteville Farmers Market is undergoing another expansion that will completely shut down the downtown square to vehicle traffic come next year.

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After several decades of operating under leased medical managment, the historic Eureka Springs Hospital has taken back control of its facilities -- and future expansion.

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The Runway Rovers Therapy Dog Program brings dogs to Northwest Arkansas National Airport where travelers can relieve their stress by petting the animals. Launched in August 2017, the volunteer program has grown to include 15 dogs and one miniature horse.

The public fundraising phase for a statewide network of care through Arkansas Children's Hospital continues. Marcy Doderer, the president and CEO of Arkansas Children's, gives an update as part of this week's Northwest Arkansas Business Journal Report.


World and Area News

BTH: Neighborhood Development in the Mid-South

7 hours ago

Affordable housing, food accessibility, blighted properties and community disinvestment are common issues that many Memphis neighborhoods face. Noah Gray, executive director of the Bighampton Development Corporation, says that there are many benefits to addressing these challenges, including decreased crime.   


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The U.S. Supreme Court said late Friday that it will review three lower court decisions upholding congressional and grand jury subpoenas for financial records from President Trump's longtime personal accountants and from banks he did business with.

The high court's order sets the stage for a constitutional battle over the limits of presidential power.

John Fitisemanu woke up early Friday morning, got dressed and finally completed one of the tasks on a more than 20-year-old to-do list: He registered to vote.

For less than a day, Fitisemanu, who was born in American Samoa, was legally considered a full-fledged American citizen with voting rights and the ability to run for office or hold certain government jobs. But a judge in a Utah federal court has once again thrown his much longed-for status into question.

It was almost dark when Shalom LeBaron reached the spot where her daughter, Rhonita Miller LeBaron, and four grandchildren were killed. LeBaron found the remains of her 10-year-old granddaughter in the back seat of a car that had been riddled with bullets and set on fire earlier that morning.

"Facedown, crunched up in fetal position because she was so afraid," LeBaron said through tears in an interview with NPR. "That's how her bones were found."


Seven Democratic presidential candidates qualified for next week's debate in Los Angeles. Now there's a chance that zero of them will show up. There's a labor dispute between food services workers and the contractor who employs them at Loyola Marymount University, which is hosting the debate. NPR political reporter Juana Summers is following the story and is here in the studio.

Hi, Juana.


SHAPIRO: Start by explaining the labor dispute at the heart of this. What's going on?

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