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Wheatfield formed as a trio in the early 70s, but a few years later expanded to a quartet. Although they haven't toured regularly for several years, they do reunite periodically for a few concerts. The band, comprised of Ezra Idlet, Keith Grimwood, Craig Calvert, and Connie Mims, recently stopped by the Firmin-Garner Performance Studio to talk about their music and preview their upcoming show.

On today's show, we hear how as northwest Arkansas' population has grown, farmland has diminished. Also, the band Wheatfield has been together since the '70s, and they join us in the studio prior to their show this weekend in Fayetteville.

Jared Phillips is a professor of international studies at the University of Arkansas, but he's also a farmer and a multi-generational Ozarker. He's also the author of Hipbillies: Deep Revolution in the Arkansas Ozarks. Today, he talks about how the rise of the population in northwest Arkansas has contributed to the disappearance of farmland in the area.

Rachel Bernstein

This year marks the last on-air fundraiser for beloved founder and general manager, Rick Stockdell. The spring fundraiser begins Monday, March 25 at 6 a.m.  We will be on the air raising funds Monday morning through Friday, March 29 at 7 p.m. Our goal is $110,000 - these are vital funds needed to make our annual fundraising goals to keep up with the increasing costs of programming, equipment and technology. Listener support is the most significant source of funding for KUAF - providing more than 75% of our operating budget!

This week, we continue a Spring Break tradition with a listen to stories from our archive pertaining to the idea of family. On today's show, we hear about a website that allows people to search for old photographs of family members, and we also hear how kids were part of the family farming business at the Fayetteville Farmers Market. We'll learn more about the musical Bartell sisters from Eureka Springs, and we listen again to a performance by Finvarra's Wren.

This week, we continue a Spring Break tradition with a listen to stories from our archive pertaining to the idea of family. On today's show, we revisit the grand opening of The Jones Center for Families in Springdale. We also hear from Robert Cochrane about the musical Gilbert family, and we hear the late Lib Horn's suggestions for adding a pet to one's family. We also hear sound from TheatreSquared as they prepared for the world premiere of My Father's War, and we listen back to an in-studio performance by the band Witchsister.

This week, we continue a Spring Break tradition with a listen to stories from our archive pertaining to the idea of family. On today's show, we hear how the Gibson family has made baskets n the Ozarks for generations. We also hear how a family recipe resulted in Gunderpickles, and how Jed Clampit's family gospel singalongs helped influence his music. We also hear our conversation with Dick Smothers, one half of the sibling comedy duo the Smothers Brothers, and The Reeves Brothers perform for us inside the Firmin-Garner Performance Studio.

In early February, the University of Arkansas School of Art opened four new and refurbished studios to the public. The first 'open studios' initiative allows Masters of Fine Arts and post-Baccalaureate art students to debut their work and gives those outside the school a glimpse at the University's newest facilities.

On today’s show, we'll how an art project in downtown Paris considers big ideas. Plus, a new school for media arts called PIXEL has opened in Rogers. And we hear about the challenge of picking a cover for a magazine issue devoted to art and fashion.

A new media arts school called PIXEL based in Rogers offers classes to youth and adults interested in graphic design, animation and video game development. The school, based at The Center for Nonprofits is directed by Hollywood digital animator David Kersey.  The Art School also facilitates NERDIES™ for kids, originated by Brad Harvey. 


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