On today's show, Arkansas Children’s will sponsor a hackathon in April. Plus, the second season of the podcast Undisciplined begins with a conversation about epidemics, and much more.

Our news today includes Arkansas hospitals continue to experience a surge of COVID-19 patients. Plus the observations connected to Arkansas and the National Day of Racial Healing.

Courtesy / Arkansas Children's Research Institute

This spring Arkansas Children's will host a hackathon. The 48 hour event, April 1st through 3rd, is designed to find possible digital solutions to healthcare challenges.

In the latest episode of Undisciplined, host Caree Banton talks to CDC scientist Ernest Yufenyuy about what the AIDS pandemic—which has been the focus of his work—can teach us about COVID-19.

Courtesy / University Relations

The latest tour of University of Arkansas history from Charlie Alison, the executive editor of University Relations, recalls the first-ever day of classes at the U of A.

Courtesy / Walton Family Foundation

The Northwest Arkansas Design Excellence Program was launched by the Walton Family Foundation in 2015 to help connect design firms with local projects dedicated to public spaces. This year 31 new design firms have been added to the pool.

Courtesy / Jamison Alexander Success Center

The nonprofit Jamison Alexander Success Center, headquartered in Faulkner County, assists Arkansas children with disabilitis living in a half dozen counties by delivering theraputic items at no charge. The center also operates a program to inspire all kids to succeed -- particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Antonio Jamison discusses why he is dedicated to serving youth in need, welcoming donations to aid his mission.

Undisciplined returns with the launch of season two. Host Caree Banton talks with Dr. Ernest Yufenyuy, a research scientist at the Center for Disease Control, about his research on HIV and AIDS and what that can teach us about the current pandemic of COVID-19.

Host: Caree Banton
Guest: Ernest Yufenyuy
Producer: Matthew Moore

Undisciplined is a production of KUAF Public Radio.

On today's show, an 1800s African-American cemetery in east Fayetteville, almost lost to history, is being restored. Plus, TheatreSquared readies The Mountaintop, a reimagining of the last night of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life, and much more.

The top of our show includes the latest regarding COVID-19 in Arkansas. Tests were down this weekend, but hospitalizations are up. Also: money for bridges in Arkansas.



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Several counties in Texas have reported rejecting hundreds of vote-by-mail applications in the past week because of confusion over new ID requirements created by a Republican-backed law that went into effect last month.

President Biden entered office a year ago in the thick of a deadly pandemic and with Washington still reeling from an attack on the Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

On the anniversary of Biden's inauguration, the United States is facing yet another massive wave of COVID cases, and the country remains deeply polarized.

While the central crises have remained constant, Biden has pushed ahead on his priorities — from ramping up vaccine distribution to addressing climate change — with varying degrees of success.

LONDON — Some Conservative lawmakers in Britain are talking about ousting their leader, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been tarnished by allegations that he and his staff held lockdown-breaching parties during the coronavirus pandemic.

If Johnson does not heed calls to resign — and he insists he won't — he could be toppled through a no-confidence vote.

Here's how the Conservative Party goes about challenging and changing leaders.

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand is among the few remaining countries to have avoided any outbreaks of the omicron variant — but Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Thursday an outbreak was inevitable and the nation would tighten restrictions as soon as one was detected.

But she also said that New Zealand would not impose the lockdowns that it has used previously, including for the delta variant.

With the 2022 winter Olympics taking place in Beijing in less than two weeks, NBC Sports announced Wednesday that it will not be sending any announcing teams to this year's Olympics games — citing "COVID concerns."

"The announce teams for these Olympics, including figure skating, will be calling events from our Stamford (Connecticut) facility due to COVID concerns," an NBC Sports spokesperson said in an email to NPR.

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