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"The Prom" is a musical comedy that uses a real-life event for inspiration. The basic, fictional plot: actors panned for their performances in a failed Broadway play decide to find a “cause” to improve their image. The element rooted in fact: the characters read about a teen girl who wants to take her girlfriend to the prom, and the local PTA tries to deny her that experience. This week Ozarks at Large's Kyle Kellams spoke with Morgan Hicks, production director, and Jason Burrow, the music director, about the show.

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    Nicola Hawkins is a Licensed Associate Counselor who works at The Joshua Center in Northwest Arkansas. She is also hosting her own podcast called, Healing for Her, which is streaming everywhere! Deneshia and Joi really appreciated the authenticity of this interview. Deneshia says, “Nicola is one of those women who always drops little golden nuggets of wisdom.” This episode is not saying you have to do it all. But is a reminder that no matter how many hats you wear, you must slow down and ask “What do you need?” It’s a reminder for all of us as women and humans that it’s okay to have needs, it’s okay to care for self, it’s okay to dream. Let us know what sticks out to you! We would love to hear more from our listeners!!
  • In this episode, we speak to three Black Film makers about conveying Black history through the lens of films. We explore how these different kinds of storytelling are facilitating new kinds of narratives about African Americans and Arkansas as well as helping to transform the single story and stereotypes about African Americans.Caree Banton, @diasporise, the_forgetful_historianKarynecia Conner @thewordyprofessor
  • In this episode, Dustin and Lowell interview Rev. Peter Jarrett-Schell, member of the Reparations Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, Rector of Calvary Episcopal Church, and author of Reparations: A Plan for Churches. Learn more about The R Word podcast, The R Word events, and The Zacchaeus Foundation at thezacchaeusfoundation.org.
  • In this episode, Fayetteville High School Students weigh in on a conversation that has largely affected their lives but from which people like them tend to be excluded. These students reflect on Black History and policies and politics Surrounding their Education including the Black History Curriculum, the Learns Act, the banning of AP African American Studies and Critical Race Studies that affect their learning.
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