On today's show, the rising rates of infection in Arkansas is coming with increased case numbers in the youngest demographics. Plus, we meet TheatreSquared actors who will portray women putting together a mariachi band in the 1970s, and much more.

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New data analysis from Arkansas Covid revelas a steady rise in virus cases among children ten and younger in Arkansas.

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On Thursday, July 29, Governor Asa Hutchinson called a special legislative session to reevaluate Act 1002, which at this time prohibits local school districts from enforcing mask mandates. Fayetteville Public Schools passed a resolution that same day to send a message to the legislature that they would be enforcing one if legally permitted. 

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The Arkansas Legislature is being asked by Governor Asa Hutchinson to reconsider the elements of a law disallwoing mask mandates in schools. John Brummett, a political columnist with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, says he thinks there is a 50-50 chance lawmakers will alter the law in some way during a speical session.

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American Mariachi, written by Jose Cruz Gonzalez, brings a big-hearted story of the creation of an all-female mariachi band to the T2 stagge beginning August 6th. The production includes Marichi Amistad from northwest Arkansas. We met three of the actors/musicians in the show to find out more.

A new advocacy initative helps advocates explore their identities and needs of vulnerable communities.

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

4 hours ago
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Several COVID-19 vaccination clinics are taking place throughout the KUAF listening area during August.

For more information about vaccine clinics, vaccinations and other covid-19 information, you can click here, or call 800- 985-6030

KUAF is looking for a Community Engagement Manager to build and strengthen community in one of the best places to live in the country. The Community Engagement Manager will oversee engagement with our entire community through -

On today's show, We check in with journalists with ArkansasCovid.com for an update on virus trends. Plus, University of Arkansas faculty discuss what to expect when classes begin this month, and much more.

July Virus Cases Surge

23 hours ago

July ended with COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations nearing the highs of the winter surge. We talked to Rachel Sanchez-Smith and Rob Wells from Arkansas Covid about what the summer numbers regarding the virus might mean going forward.


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If you are uninsured or you've been on unemployment benefits this year, new financial help — passed by Congress this year — means you might be eligible for free health insurance.

A special enrollment period put in place by the Biden administration ends on Aug. 15, so consumers will need to act fast to sign up for one of these plans on the Affordable Care Act marketplaces.

The health plans without monthly premiums come in several different flavors, some of which have been around for a while, and some of which are new.

One-third of all COVID cases nationwide occurred in Florida and Texas last week, according to Jeffrey Zients, White House COVID-19 response coordinator.

This comes as the CDC reports a 44% increase in daily new cases in the last week of July. Last week's average of daily new COVID-19 cases is "higher than our peak of last summer," according to CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

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NEW YORK (AP) — An investigation found that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women in and out of state government and worked to retaliate against one of his accusers, New York's attorney general announced Tuesday in a finding that quickly renewed calls for the Democrat's resignation or impeachment.

If you think parenting is stressful, imagine parenting while also competing as a Paralympic athlete.

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"This baby is a surprise and also the timing of it. I never planned to go to Tokyo pregnant," she says.

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