The husband and wife team known as the Fischer Duo tackle two very different Brahms Sonatas for a new recording.

"The process of taking out a project of this magnitude with these great pieces forces us to get an even clearer vision of what it is we're trying to do," explains cellist Norman Fischer. "It''s the most magical, torturous process to push ourselves both as players, and as musicians." 

Listen to the full interview in the streaming link above.

Courtesy Avie Records

Explore evocative intimacies in a new duo recording of Chopin, Schumann and Grieg  from cellist Inbal Segev and pianist Juho Pohjonen.

"I think Chopin was a master of making the impression of a human voice on piano," explains Pohjonen.

"Chopin wrote mostly for piano, and very few works for other instruments," says Segev, elaborating that the cello lines in Chopin's Sonata in G Minor mimic the bel canto style of singing. 

Hear the full interview in the streaming link above.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation released its latest Kids Count Data Book and it shows Arkansas' overall ranking in child well-being has improved. Plus, the Northwest Arkansas Crisis Stabilization Unit opens in Fayetteville making it the third CSU to open in the state as part of a pilot project funded by the legislature in 2017. And, as flood waters recede and damage is assessed, experts are issuing advice to residents about flood insurance coverage.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is releasing its 30th Kids Count Data Book today. The annual report examines child well-being in the United States and ranks states on 16 indicators across the four areas: education, family and community, economic well-being and health. Arkansas' overall ranking improved from 41st to 40th in the latest study.

Z. Sitek / KUAF

The Northwest Arkansas Crisis Stabilization Unit opened in Fayetteville Friday, making it the third CSU to open as part of a pilot program funded by the state legislature in 2017. The 16-bed facility will give law enforcement officers in Washington, Benton, Madison and Carroll Counties an alternative to jail when encountering people with mental health issues. Similar facilities are already up and running in Sebastian and Pulaski Counties.

Courtesy / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Major flooding along the Arkansas River and flash flooding on the Ozark Highlands is easing. As flood waters recede and damage is assessed, the Arkansas Insurance Department, Arkansas Natural Resources Commission and the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management have issued a warning as well as advice to residents about flood insurance coverage.

There are concerts all over the region this week and Becca Martin-Brown, the features editor at the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, says we don't have to spend much money to enjoy the tunes.

As KUAF nears the end of its fiscal year, we're spending some time quietly reminding you about your role in public radio. You can make your contribution here.

As soon as the flood waters in the River Valley receded, volunteers started stepping in to help neighbors with their damaged homes and will continue to play a crucial role in the recovery effort in the weeks and months to come. Plus, a controversial factory hog farm in the Buffalo River watershed is shutting down. And we remember Ed Stilley, an Ozark native who had created more than 200 unique instruments out of rough-sawn wood and found objects.

Z. Sitek / KUAF

As soon as the flood waters in the River Valley receded, volunteers started getting busy helping their neighbors take the first step toward recovery. Volunteers with Grand Avenue Baptist Church will spend the coming weeks emptying damaged homes. In some cases, the houses will be stripped down to the studs. Meanwhile, at the Volunteer Intake Center at Eastside Baptist Church, the United Way of Fort Smith Area will be connecting volunteers to projects across the city.


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Four people were wounded in Toronto when gunfire broke out at a rally to honor the newly-minted NBA champion Raptors.

The shootings, which occurred mid-afternoon, sparked a stampede from Nathan Philips Square, near City Hall, where tens of thousands of fans had gathered to celebrate the hometown professional basketball team.

The Defense Department announced it is deploying 1,000 more U.S. troops to the Middle East "for defensive purposes" amid growing tensions with Iran.

Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said Monday in a statement that the action, meant to address air, naval, and ground-based threats, comes after "a request from the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) for additional forces."

The Trump administration has blamed Iran for a series of attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

An NPR investigation has uncovered new evidence in a prominent unsolved murder case from the civil rights era, including the identity of an attacker who admitted his involvement but was never charged.

The murder of Boston minister James Reeb in 1965 drew national attention at the time and spurred passage of the Voting Rights Act, which outlawed the Jim Crow voting practices that had disenfranchised millions of black Americans.

Texas Cracks Down On Surprise Medical Billing

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