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District 3 Podcast

Welcome to Arkansas' only Bilingual (English/Spanish) Podcast in the state! Our purpose is to discuss community with you and highlight individuals making a difference where you live. Thank you for listening and please share with your friends.

District 3 Podcast Episodes
  • On this episode we sat down with Martin Garay who is one of the artists/actors performing in the new Latinx Theatre Project: “Holy Waters” opening this week at the Medium in Springdale. Learn more about the production and much more about Martin on this episode!
  • On this episode we sit down with the Co Hosts of Fort Smith's newest podcast, Miranda Marie and Rnzo! Listen to this episode and learn more about how this project began and what their goals are. Their podcast, Fort Grit: Diamonds in the Rough is available on Youtube, Spotify and everywhere you listen to podcasts!
  • On this week's episode we sat down with Edgar Castorena. Edgar is a business owner, community leader in Searcy, Arkansas and brother of Carmen Castorena. Carmen was an artist, activist and The Carmen Castorena DACA Scholarship Fund created by Irvin is now raised in her honor. Learn more about her story told by one of the persons that knew her best, her brother.
  • On this episode we sat down with local entrepreneur and President of the Bentonville Islamic Center, Shahid Sheikh. We have a candid conversation about Islam, Ramadan, Palestine and much more. We really enjoyed this beautiful conversation that we hope not only educates people but brings us more together when we learn to understand each other a little bit better as neighbors.
  • Our guest Ricardo Munoz and 3 other owners have launched a new Latino Culture inspired Cafe in Downtown Springdale, Arkansas by the name of Cafe Con Chisme! A place with fun drinks, music that you and your parents will recognize and an atmosphere any one of your Latino family members can feel comfortable in. Learn more about the idea to start this cafe and what their vision is for the future in this episode! And stop by Cafe Con Chisme when you're in town.
  • This week we sat down with the powerful Marcina Langrine. Marcina is the Program Manager of the Marshallese Educational Initiative, the manager of the popular band MARK Harmoney and was recognized as one of the Little Rock's Soiree 100 Women of Impact in Arkansas. We discuss her birth state, her passion for her community, the effects of covid in the Marshallese Population and much more. We hope you enjoy this educational episode!
  • This week KUAF's Rachell Sanchez-Smith joined us as a guest co host as we sit down and just chit chat about what's on our minds. We discuss some of the cool things Rachell is doing for the Latina journalism movement at the University of Arkansas, we talk working out and Miggs on going travels. And much more! We appreciate all our listeners and people that continue to support our work to try to entertain you!
  • This week we sat down with our good friend Alice Gachuzo. She is the founder of the MLK Celebrations in Springdale that are celebrating its 7th year this year. On this episode you'll learn about how the celebrations started and what they will look like this year. The community comes together to create something beautiful every year. Check out this episode and follow us for more episodes!
  • On this episode we sit down with one of the most talented Chefs in our state and country, Chef Steven D. Brooks! We chop it up and discuss his humble beginnings, the video content he's putting out in the Internet of his delicious cooking and so much more. We hope you enjoy this very fun episode!
  • On this episode we sat down with Gabriela Caceres. She is one of the Co Founders of the SIA Sorority at the University of Arkansas. The first ever Latina sorority in the state. We discuss how the sorority was brought to the University, her origins and the impact she is trying to make in the corporate world today. This fun episode does not disappoint! Give it a listen and please follow us anywhere you streamed or downloaded this episode.
  • This week we sat down with Billy Cook who is running for State Representative for District 19 in Arkansas. We discuss his agenda, his plans during the campaign and much more. We hope ya'll enjoy the episode and don't forget to follow us for future episodes.
  • We sat down with the owner of maybe the warmest loving bar in all Northwest Arkansas, the Odd Soul! Jeffro talks to us about his many past jobs, his travels across the world, the origins of the Odd Soul and much more! Catch this fun episode we recorded with so much love.