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A Hong Kong citizen who worked for the British Consulate-General in Hong Kong says secret police officers tortured him in mainland China, accusing him of being a spy and working to agitate pro-democracy protests.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Simon Cheng says he was beaten, put into stress positions and deprived of sleep for a roughly two-week period in August, after Chinese police detained him at a train station at Hong Kong's border with the mainland.

Khazaal Salih sits in a tent next to a photo of his son, just back from the framing shop. In the gold-framed photo, Abbas wears a disposable blue surgical mask to protect him from tear gas. He's smiling and raising his fingers in a victory sign. At the top of the photo is the date — Nov. 6, 2019 — when the young man was killed by Iraqi security forces during an anti-government protest.

The Jonesboro Police Department on Tuesday were the first in Arkansas to host a demonstration for a device called the Bola Wrap.  It has been billed as an alternative for police around the world to detain suspects, especially those in the middle of a mental health crisis.

Rosanne "Roe" Manghisi is a retired New Jersey State Police Captain who now works as Bola Wrap's Director of Public Safety Services.  Manghisi conducted a slideshow presentation for the officers at JPD Headquarters.

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