Paul Kelso

KUAF host of "Generic Blues Show"

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The Jim Mills Band will play at George's Majestic Lounge Friday night. Mills recently talked about this band with Paul Kelso, the host of KUAF's Generic Blues Show.

Jesse Dean has performed his blend of blues and rock and roll throughout Northwest Arkansas for more than a decade. Earlier this year, he performed for KUAF during our second annual Summer Night Swing. Today, we hear highlights from Jesse's performance from that night.

On this edition of Ozarks at Large, music recorded earlier this year at KUAF during live editions of our local music shows. We hear from the band Silver Moon as they performed on The Pickin' Post with Mike Shirkey, blues guitarist Buddy Shute from his performance on the Generic Blues Show with Paul Kelso, and The Claudia Burson Trio and several friends during a live edition of Shades of Jazz with Robert Ginsburg.