Timothy Dennis

Ozarks at Large Producer

Timothy is a life-long Arkansan; he grew up in the hills outside of Winslow and has lived throughout northwest and western Arkansas.  As a budding musician in his formative years, he became enthralled with recording technology, which carried over into his collegiate studies of print and multimedia journalism at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Upon receiving his degree in journalism in 2011, Timothy immediately began working as a freelance reporter and photographer for the Washington County Observer in West Fork, Winslow and Greenland. It wasn't long before he left the newspaper business for radio and began working full-time as an announcer and news programmer for KURM AM/FM in Rogers.

After working for about a year in radio, Timothy was recruited to join the KUAF staff as a producer and reporter for Ozarks at Large, generating spot news and feature-length stories. He reports on the local music scene, interviewing and capturing performances of local and traveling performers and bands. He also works with KUAF operations staff on strategic technical planning for the station.

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Richard Wright was born in 1908 in Roxie, Miss., and would go on to become one of the most important literary voices in the 20th century. He began writing short stories before moving to Chicago in 1927 and became part of a new wave of Black urban intellectuals joining, and later abandoning, the Communist Party. Wright eventually moved to New York City in 1937 where he received federal funding to write through the Works Progress Administration.

On today's show, in part two of our report on evictions in Arkansas, we find out more about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's new eviction moratorium, who qualifies for it and how to take advantage of the directive. Plus, we get an update on how Census collection efforts are going as the deadline for completing the count approaches. And, we discuss a new course on the University of Arkansas campus that examines how students in the 1960s and 70s helped create a more inclusive campus.