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The Writers' Colony At Dairy Hollow

In this Community Spotlight, Pete Hartman interviews Michelle Hannon, the Executive Director at The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow to discuss their latest fellowship. The newest fellowship aims to help authors seeking to express their love for nature, and the environment. To learn about their latest fellowship, go here.

Pete Hartman speaks with Christina Williams from Circles NWA. Circles NWA is a new, community-driven program looking to increase upward mobility for individuals and families in Northwest Arkansas. To learn more, and volunteer for Circles, you can go here

"Know the Flow", a program with the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Cooperetive Extension Service, helps our community with a visual representation of the water that flows below our feet within our cities storm drains. Pete speaks with County Extension Agent Jane Maginot about prizes that are available for those who participate in the program.

The husband and wife team known as the Fischer Duo tackle two very different Brahms Sonatas for a new recording.

"The process of taking out a project of this magnitude with these great pieces forces us to get an even clearer vision of what it is we're trying to do," explains cellist Norman Fischer. "It''s the most magical, torturous process to push ourselves both as players, and as musicians." 

Listen to the full interview in the streaming link above.

Maryamsadat Amirvaghefi is one of the artists featured in "Islamic Art in Context" up now at the Faulkner Performing Arts Center on the University of Arkansas Campus in Fayetteville.

A native of Tehran, Iran, Amirvaghefi came to the United States to pursue her Master of Fine Arts at the School of Art at the University of Arkansas, where she now serves an instructor and as assistant director to the Fine Arts Center Gallery. 

Kat Wilson


Painter Kellie Lehr juxtaposes organic and geometric patterns that result in bright canvases overflowing with kinetically textured layers.

The result is "Between and Beyond," on display at the Gallery at Midtown Associates in Bentonville, where Lehr recently took on the role of gallery manager. 

In this KUAF Arts Beat profile we discover that she studied international economics because her parents wouldn't pay for an art degree, but they would pay for a business degree.