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Blockchain: The Future of Money
Every other Wednesday

Blockchain: The Future of Money is a audio and video podcast that explores all things related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, the metaverse and anything else we need to understand to have agency in the new future of money. Host Eric den Boer is our host and guides us through this new world of money, with cohosts Leigh Wood and Jasper Logan.

You can also watch all the video podcast episodes at the Fayetteville Public Television's YouTube page.

Please send us your questions! Send any questions you have about cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and more to nwablockchainpodcast@gmail.com or call us on the KUAF Connects line at (479) 575-6577. You can also send messages directly to us by using the Connects feature on the KUAF app for iPhone or iPad.

Latest Episodes
  • Eric and Leigh welcome a new guest, Jacob, a writer for the online publication Crypto Briefing to talk about some of the risks of participating in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the difference between a hack and a vulnerability, nefarious actors in this space and how to avoid them.
  • Eric and Jasper welcome back Craig Immel with GoKey, to talk more about the implications of smart contracts and NFTs particularly in the real estate realm.
  • Eric, Jasper and Leigh sit down with special guest BAANG, to talk about what we've learned so far about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, NFTs and more.
  • Eric, Leigh and our guest Craig discuss the applications of cryptocurrency, blockchain and NFTs in real estate. Selling, renting to own, drafting contracts and more - they could all be changed by the use of blockchain and NFTs.
  • Eric, Jasper and our guest Shane Bronson discuss digital wallets - what are they? What are they used for? How do you get one? We've got some answers for you, including a tutorial on setting up a digital wallet in the video podcast.
  • Eric, Jasper and guest Matt Gray, developer of an app that turns your videos and photos into NFTs, discuss more about non-fungible tokens, their storage and metadata.
  • Eric, Jasper and Leigh talk more about NFTs, non-fungible tokens, and how they might be used outside of art or music. You can watch this episode as a video podcast here as well.
  • KUAF has partnered with Fayetteville Public Television to create Blockchain: The Future of Money video podcast! Check out the audio of the third episode here and the first video in the series below. You can watch the full video below here as well.
  • Hosts Eric, Jasper and Leigh discuss NFTs, what they are and how they function.
  • When Russia invaded Ukraine, conversations began quickly about how oligarchs might be able to hide money in cryptocurrency. That prompted hosts Eric and Leigh to explore how and how much cryptocurrency is being used for illicit or illegal activities.